[music] Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz [pause] and welcome to DermTV. For the past three or four years dermatologists and neurologists have been successfully treating migraine headaches with Botox in selected patients and this past week the FDA finally approved the use of Botox for migraine patients. That is really… Continue Reading DermTV – Botox Approved for Treating Migraines [DermTV.com Epi #253]

Many many types of diseases have been described together with rosacea. It can go from cardiovascular disease to migraine, from anxiety to depression, from gastrointestinal disease to malignancies. But fortunately all these comorbidities are not fully sure as really related to the disease. Going through the literature and also with… Continue Reading Comorbidities of rosacea

Hello, Is this your first time visiting? Oh, did you make an appointment? May I ask your name? Okay. You booked a laser treatment today? We will assist you right after Doctor.Dana is done with his early appointment while you wait over the couch. Help yourself with warm tea if… Continue Reading 피부과 레이저 시술 ASMR Dermatologist Laser Treatment ASMR l Laser Sounds

Our Spotlight Product this month is the Exel Dermatology Hypodermic 28g needle. The needle was Designed by dermatologists and created for use in the dermatological field. The Luer lock Polypropylene Hub Will Fit Luer Lock or Luer Slip Syringes. The ¾ inch needle is made of thin wall stainless steel.… Continue Reading EXEL® 28 Gauge Disposable Needles

There’s a special situation where you may need to use a needle to transmit the spark to the patient that is in the situation where there is a tiny telangiectasia or small angiomas with this particular adapter the dental needle can be screwed into the adapter and now you have… Continue Reading Dental Adaptor and Needles used by Dermatologist in Electrosurgery – by Delasco

needle holders, you have questions: we have answers. I’m Margaux, I’m Paul We’re going to answer some of your commonly asked questions and needle holders okay so what can you tell me about the basics of needle holders needle holders are just as the name implies, an instrument used to… Continue Reading The Basics about Needle Holders by Delasco

– Tomorrow I’m getting my acne scars lasered off and I’m really nervous. (upbeat music) I developed acne around puberty, like 13 or 14. All of these dots here are fairly smoothed, none of them are raised. I’m tired of taking pictures and having that be all I see. I’ve… Continue Reading I Got Rid Of My Acne Scars With Laser Treatment

Hello, I’m doctor T. Wayne Day and I’m a dermatologist in Nashville Tennessee and I’ve been helping people with poison ivy for about thirty years and I’ve learned some things I thought I might share with you if you have a rash that is often in streaks meaning you might… Continue Reading Poison Ivy Treatment by Dermatology