– Hi everyone. Pratt Daddy here. This is my brand new show for MTV and so far, a lot of healing has gone down. You may look at me and be like, what is that guy from The Hills know about healing? You know what, I get it. I had… Continue Reading A Raccoon Bone Reveals Spencer Pratt & Gary Owen’s Future | Spencer Pratt Will Heal You ?| MTV

Aaah! Aaah! Oh! Oh! l’m thin! l’m thin! Lookat mycheekbones! l have cheekbones! Yes! Look at my chest. Look at my breasts. l don’t have breasts. l’m an ”A” cup. l don’t need a bra anymore. Oh, God! l’m thin! l’m thin! l’m thin! l’m thin. l’m thin. # Nothin’… Continue Reading The Nutty Professor (7/12) Movie CLIP – I’m Thin! (1996) HD