Fasting is the new fad, and if you check numerous forums where people talk about their fasting experience you’ll find it has helped a lot of people lose weight. You’ll see people talking about how they tried all kinds of diets: low-carb, the keto diet, low fat, reduced sugar, all… Continue Reading What Happens To Your Body When You Don’t Eat (Fast)

My relationship with my body has always been one that has ebbed and flowed. I have been in phases where I’ve absolutely loved myself. I’ve been so gung-ho about how I feel. And others, like the phase I’m currently in, where I’m not quite feeling that. Normally, it’s a bad… Continue Reading My Relationship With Body Image

hello and welcome to the Bowman college wellness program you’re receiving class 1 Eating for Health this is the first class in for which will give you the holistic nutrition basics I’m your presenter ivy hunter a registered nurse and certified nutrition consultant and I’m working on my board certification… Continue Reading Holistic nutrition basics to start eating for health

Hi! I’m Claire. Let’s talk about how we can use diet to balance elevated vata dosha. I’m going to tell you what a vata-pacifying diet is, how it creates balance, and give you ten tips for how to incorporate it into your everyday. Plus, there’s a bonus at the end–… Continue Reading Vata Dosha Diet [10 Ayurvedic Tips for Balance]

– Ayurveda is definitely not a fad diet. It’s an ancient medical science of India, a healing system that teaches us to live in harmony with nature. (lively music) The first Ayurvedic text dates back at least 5,000 years, making it one of the oldest healing systems humans have. Following… Continue Reading I Tried an Ayurvedic Diet for a Week | Thrive Global

Hello again. I’m getting used to hopefully coming into your lives and sharing with you thoughts. I have been promoting Accu Weight-loss for over 20 years and as I got ready for this video the thought that I had was: after 20 years your successes still excite me and I… Continue Reading Speak be proactive.

Hi Dr. Schwartz, how are you doing today. you know, I think I’m doing pretty good but Im not really certain. Well, what is it you mean when you are not really certain. Well, here I am doing this video, and I’m not clear fully as to what it is… Continue Reading My personal view

Hi all. You’ve heard me talking recently about the Accu Weight-loss magic protocol and what I’d like to share with you today are experiences that patients have shared with me and a lot of that came from the fact that back a while ago I told you that I was… Continue Reading Insights from cheating.