We’re going to talk about how to give an intramuscular injection of ACTH in an infant ACTH is a steroid hormone therapy that is given as a first-line drug of choice in Infantile spasms and other types of seizures. We’re gonna go over some of the things that we’re gonna… Continue Reading How to give an ACTH injection in an Infant | ACTHAR | Specially Haniya

hi everybody my name is Sherri and I am the lead host for the Invisible Disabilities Community on Inspire so you will see the community right here this is Inspire and the group is brought to you by the Invisible Disabilities Association which is a nonprofit organization that reaches out… Continue Reading How to Post | Invisible Disabilities Community | Support Group

Those who are “resilient,” possibly even flourishing in their hard stories is something the world so desperately needs. Is, wait, how are you doing that? How are you living into your really hard circumstances you would have never chosen? (gentle classical music) God is using all this in such powerful… Continue Reading Katherine Wolf Speaks on Dealing with Pain | Hope Heals All | Southern Living

[passing cars and footsteps] [door slamming] [machinery sounds] [ID scanner beep] Hi and welcome to my version of Vlogmas! Hello, my name is Devin in case you don’t know and I decided this year to set myself a bit of a challenge because of the fact that I started my… Continue Reading choral happenings | vlogmas | DM

– Yes, I have tattoos and yes I have a phobia of needles. Now before I get into my tattoos, what they are and why I got them, let’s talk about my phobia of needles and how that came about. For those of you who are new here, hi, welcome,… Continue Reading Why I Get Tattoos With A Fear Of NEEDLES ? | #SpinaBifida

People with disabilities can feel sexy in their bodies and we do. It’s just so important for people with disabilities to be represented in this movement. And I feel like they really aren’t. All right, can you help me, like, do my hair a little bit? Make it beautiful? Sure.… Continue Reading I Feel Sexy In My Disabled Body | Living Differently

Hello chums! It’s Editing Jessica again. I think we know if we start the video with Editing Jessica then it probably didn’t go too well earlier. That’s all I’m going to say on that. So I wake up this morning feeling… felling rather awful. Building… Building sense of impending doom.… Continue Reading I Filmed My Chronic Migraine // Christmastide Day 11 [CC]

Hello, hello. (sigh) I’ve been having a time! Alright, so there was this article and I’ll link it below… about a woman who parked in a handicap spot and walked into a grocery store came out and found a sign that said “FAKER” on her car. She then went to… Continue Reading What Do You Think Disabled People Look Like? [CC]

Today we’re gonna try this acupuncture mat because why not? I’ve never done real acupuncture before, so I don’t have anything to compare this too, but from what I understandit’s about acupressure. This mat comes with a bunch of of plastic little spikes, and they are pretty sharp ow. Like… Continue Reading Shakti Acupuncture Mat Review [CC]

Hello, hello! Ever seen one of these before? I’m pretty sure you have. It’s a snuggie. And if you have had a television or seen advertising at all you are probably familiar with their ads which kind of look like this: [OFF SCREEN] Oh no! It’s cold and if I… Continue Reading Laziest Items on the Market [CC]