hello this is dr. Muthu Krishnan and you were wondering what you’re looking at CUMIN=comino CORIANDER=Cilantro . FENNEL=aneis to restore the enzyme rich gut health we need lots of enzymes which are lacking in our food and incidentally well maybe not incidentally but the Indians and many other cultures even… Continue Reading #DrMuthuIntegrative – Best medication for lungs, heart, blood pressure, diabetes, allergies, obesity

hello my friends welcome to my channel I hope you’re all doing fine I’m miss Kholoud and today I have an easy lesson but it’s very important it’s about pain the different kinds of pain and the most common illness or sickness before I start I want to remind you… Continue Reading pain & sickness vocabulary

My name is Andrea Furlan and I am pain specialist in Toronto Canada, today we’re going to talk about neuropathic pain. With my experience of 25 years working in pain clinics and with patients who have chronic pain I can say that the worst descriptions that I hear about pain… Continue Reading Neuropathic Pain by Dr. Andrea Furlan

Utensils like a rice cooker coffee filters and things of that nature In India, and they should be growing strains you know that are heavy indicas the heavy sedative Sleepy indica strains. That’s what you need, you know for healing but unfortunately in many of these countries they’re still growing… Continue Reading How to Make Cannabis Oil (RSO) at Home with Rick Simpson!

This is a fantastic opportunity and this is really what academic research is all about so then what would be the processes that the couple would be important for that’s something to think about and so Wilson’s disease comes in at this point mutations that occur in Wilson’s disease lead… Continue Reading Possible Treatment for Wilson’s Disease Unexpectedly Identified

I’m a physician trained in infectious diseases, and following my training, I moved to Somalia from San Francisco. And my goodbye greeting from the chief of infectious diseases at San Francisco General was, “Gary, this is the biggest mistake you’ll ever make.” But I landed in a refugee situation that… Continue Reading Gary Slutkin: Let’s treat violence like a contagious disease

Welcome to health care at home You often heard me saying, that support us in our motive And our motive that maximum number of people should get health benefits at home only. So, to give health benefits at home only , we are introducing a new therapy in this channel.… Continue Reading MAGNET THERAPY IN AYURVEDA II चुम्बक चिकित्सा आयुर्वेदा II INTRODUCTION EPISODE

Fabry disease is a rare X-linked condition caused by mutations or pathogenic variants in the GLA gene that codes for a lysosomal enzyme called alpha galactosidase A or alpha-gal A. The alpha-gal enzyme normally breaks down large molecules called globotriaosylceramide or GL3 and other glycosphingolipids, so that small parts of… Continue Reading Fabry disease – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

(upbeat music) – [Announcer] From Sarasota Memorial, this is HealthCasts, a healthy dose of information from experts you can trust. – Hi, everybody! Welcome to HealthCasts. I’m Heidi Godman. In this episode, we’re going to be talking about advances in lung cancer treatment. In particular, we’re gonna find out how… Continue Reading Lung Cancer Treatment Advances, Part 2 – HealthCasts Episode 5

hello everyone please welcome and join easy steps toenail fungus on this toenail actually it started you know coming and going down and before went up to the halfway and then I started worrying about it I went all the way back and I see that you know these the… Continue Reading Home Remedy Cure for Toenail Fungus | Cure Nail Fungus with Vicks VaporRub