Hey, I’m Tami 🙂 Let’s make a Dream Catcher Let’s begin! we’ll need: A circle (I’m using a bracelet) , hemp cord , Scissors colorful twine yarn needle and some beads. we’ll start by wrapping the circle with hemp cord make it very tight now we’ll do the dream catchers… Continue Reading Dreamcatcher – How to make a Dream Catcher

A digital row counter for knitting! Hi, Guys! I’m Kristen and Welcome to Studio Knit. Today, I’m sharing with you these cute Digital Row Counters a fun idea to help with your knitting. They just attach to your finger and help you track your knitting row by row. I thought… Continue Reading DIGITAL ROW COUNTER | Knitting Tools

hi I’m Jen welcome to the Sewing Report this channel is all about sewing crafts and DIY projects and in this episode we’re gonna be focusing on twin needles and how to use them now if you’ve never used a twin needle before don’t be scared they’re pretty simple to… Continue Reading Twin Needles 🧵 How To Use + Hemming Tips | SEWING REPORT

Hello friends welcome to my love needle youtube channel. Basic technical information for those who want to learn manual work on my channel I will try to share as much as I can with handcrafted models, and more. I hope you will like it. Remember to subscribe to the Notifications… Continue Reading TASARIM 2019 A DAMGA VURACAK GÖZ DOLDURAN İĞNE OYASI MODELİ ( NEEDLE LACE DIY )

AJ here, with Stronglife Physiotherapy. Sir Isaac Newton once said: “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” One of the giants in the physical therapy profession when it comes to low back pain is Dr. Stuart McGill. He’s fixed the backs of professional… Continue Reading Lower Back Pain Exercises (The Big 3)

can’t find anything good on TV those days hey this looks good hey biggie what you watch it oh the chick flick I hate these okay that’s enough of this garbage let’s put on Andy I can actually relate to you shall we I can’t believe you just did that… Continue Reading THINGS ONLY 1% OF PEOPLE CAN DO || Impossible Body Tricks By 123 GO! CHALLENGE

Hey, everyone. Last week I show you guys how to make some needle-felted cat toys and instead of using a foam block or a bristle brush pad like you typically see, I used a burlap pillow that was stuffed with rice. I promised you guys I’d show you how to… Continue Reading How to Make Burlap Needle Felting Pillow : DIY

in this episode going to be installing and talking about something that is sometimes controversial in the automotive aftermarket and that’s throttle body spacers if you’re looking for bolt-on items for your vehicle that are supposed to increase power or give you better performance or gas mileage one of the… Continue Reading Is A Throttle Body Spacer Worth It?

This video is supported in part by Skillshare. [Intro music] Hello and welcome back to my channel! My name’s Annika, and today I’m going to be reviewing something that a lot of you have asked me to review… this so called magic embroidery pen. Now it has been touted as… Continue Reading Trying the “MAGIC EMBROIDERY PEN” – does it work? | Embroidery Pen Review