She is beautiful because she just got acupuncture yesterday Complexion shines Dizziness caused hospitalization last year Dizziness caused a day of hospitalization. After discharge, he was still dizzy. She came to me for acupuncture after she was discharged. No dizziness after once acupuncture and dry needling treatment She was nervous… Continue Reading 頭暈到住院,竟然針灸乾針就好了?Dizziness leads to a day of hospitalization, which can be cured by acupuncture alone

Welcome to the vitalife show I’m Doctor Janine Bowring and today we’re talking about treating Meniere’s disease and we have a great testimonial which I’m going to share at the end of this video and what are the symptoms of manures. When the nerves have to do with the inner… Continue Reading Natural Treatment for Meniere’s Disease : Stop dizziness Naturally – VitaLife Show Episode 276

Hi guys! Alright, hopping on this morning to to talk about essential oils. Yay! I love this topic. I use oils every day and I have really intensely for the last three years when I first got hit with vestibular neuritis. I was looking for a holistic support system and… Continue Reading Vestibular Migraines: How I use Essential Oils [beauty tricks, holistic support] #vestibularmigraine

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo. Do you ever have that feeling that the room is spinning and you’re not drunk? You probably have Vertigo, but the positional vertigo which is benign. So it’s really important to go to your doctor to get it checked out if something’s going on because… Continue Reading Vertigo Treatment with Simple Exercises (BPPV) – Ask Doctor Jo

I’m going to talk about barometric pressure changes and weather today because this seriously impacted me over the weekend and I know it plays a role for a lot of us with vestibular stuff especially with vestibular migraines… The weather jumped from like 70 to 90 (degrees)… felt the humidity… Continue Reading Vestibular Migraines: Weather factor + addressing symptoms (with essential oils)

– [Austin Goh] Are you suffering from vestibular disorder? If you are experiencing dizziness, or difficulty with coordination, then you may have vestibular disorder. Using The Natural Method, I’m going to show you how to care of it. First, we will git rid of the buildup of pressure in the… Continue Reading The 4 minute natural method for vestibular disorder – migraines & imbalance

Hi I’m Andrea Nakayama and welcome to Get Your Big Ask in Here where functional physiology meets holistic health and nutrition. Today’s Big Ask is from Sandra, and Sandra has a client who has persistent migraines and dizziness and she’s tested negative for gluten intolerance, celiac disease, autoimmunity, and thyroid… Continue Reading Persistent migraines and dizziness, but no autoimmunity or thyroid issues?

Normally only with head movement does fluid within the inner ear also move informing the brain that a head turn occurred however should a crystal called an otolith that gets displace into the poster canal of the inner ear, BPPV dizziness occurs. Fluid movement occurs due to the crystal rather… Continue Reading Epley Maneuver to Treat BPPV Vertigo

I had learned to live with a lot of pain, a lot of sinus pain and pressure, but it was dizzy spells that were becoming debilitating. In particular I had an incident a few years ago, and I went to the same specialist and he decided to give me and… Continue Reading Lisa’s Story: Migraine Dizziness