Sometimes it’s obvious when pets hurt, but other times they are really good at hiding their pain, unlike Meg, who was ejected from Disney World again.>>Meg: They were all robots!!! [crying]>>Voiceover: And now, the vet who makes Dr Dolittle look like Dr KnowNothing>>Voiceover: Dr Andy Roark! People get really upset… Continue Reading 8 Secret Signs Your Pet is in Pain

Hey, this is Doctor Gangemi, The Sock Doc. Today’s Sock Doc video is on piriformis syndrome, lower back issues, and sciatic-type pain, or what many people perceive as sciatic-type pain. Lara O’Brien, who is a principal dancer with Carolina Ballet, is going to be helping us out today, and we’re… Continue Reading Piriformis Syndrome, Low Back Pain, Sciatica – Sock Doc

I don’t know if Kayla is going to let me video her she’s really stressing out now this fingers is crossed for her so she can’t get through this [Music] Hey, everyone. It is Connie from we are the davises and today I am picking up the kids from school… Continue Reading 😱TIME FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL CHECKUP!😱 | We Are The Davises

hello everybody, Dr. Cory Singer here from singer Chiropractic Wellness Center here today to talk to you about headaches so what are headaches? Why are they caused? and what can you do about a little bit about how we treat in the office here First of all, why do we… Continue Reading Brea Chiropractor Headache and Migraine pain relief Dr Cory Singer

Hi! I’m Brian Renner. I’m a chiropractor in Fontana. I’m with Expert Village. I’m going to explain to you a little bit about what chiropractic. Most people ask what is chiropractic, so hopefully I can help you out here. Chiropractic is one of the fastest growing healthcare professions in the… Continue Reading What Does a Chiropractor Do? : A Visit to the Chiropractor

Okay, so we talked about the adjustment. What does the adjustment do? The adjustment, like we said, it actually corrects the position of the bone because of subluxation is a joint that’s not in the right spot, but it’s not so far out that it’s dislocated but it’s also not… Continue Reading What Does a Chiropractor Do? : Benefits of a Chiropractic Adjustment

Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer has written has that we haven’t done any episode on paralysis. Alright, So, today will do the episode on paralysis only First of all let us understand that what is paralysis The main reason of getting paralysis is that the… Continue Reading Home Remedies For Paralysis II लक़ुए का घरेलु उपचार II

Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer has e-mailed us and wrote us that he is having pain in the middle of his chest Due to this he was very frightened and though that he is suffering form heart disease. But he got all the test done,… Continue Reading Home Remedies for Chest Pain II छाती में दर्द के लिए घरेलू उपचार II