Today we are going to be pleased to hear from Kimberly Thompson, licensed acupuncturist, PCOM graduate, and all-around really smart girl. You’ve probably seen her columns in Acupuncture Today, where she discusses acupuncture technology. And of course, if you’ve been around in AcuGraph at all, you’ve seen her around here… Continue Reading AcuGraph: Is the Graph Lying?

Hey Malerie here in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you some common questions that I get as an alternative natural holistic healthcare practitioner for those of you that don’t know I practice East Asian medicine which is a complete system of care that includes acupuncture herbal ISM dietary… Continue Reading Ask an Acupuncturist: Questions I’m Frequently Asked (FAQs)

Chronic Back Pain Instant Relief Acupuncture Brisbane Case Study Bob: Hey guys! Today��s video is about another chronic pain patient that came in. She originally had frozen shoulder, lower back pain and a bit of neck pain. alot patients will come in and they’ll have three or four things that… Continue Reading Dr. Tan/ Master Tung points Chronic Back Pain Instant Relief Acupuncture Brisbane

This week on Cracked Science: how media hype can give legitimacy to Deepak Chopra and his friends! [TITLE] Hey, this is Jonathan Jarry and you’re watching Cracked Science, the show from the McGill Office for Science and Society that separates sense from nonsense on the scientific stage. A month ago,… Continue Reading Does a New Organ Explain Acupuncture? (CS16)

– So now there’s needles in my face, so I stop talking. (upbeat music) Hey guys, I’m Ella Dove, and this is What the Wellness, the show where I explore the latest wellness trends to find out what’s weird and what’s actually worth it. For everything I’ve tried so far,… Continue Reading Acupuncture 101 | What the Wellness

Hey guys, today I am going to talk about Facial Palsy. Often times, patients with Bell’s Palsy will wake up, all of the sudden and they feel like they can’t close their eyelids properly or they start drooling or they start to feel numbness of one side of the face… Continue Reading Facial Palsy Acupuncture Brisbane

[Opening title and music]>>DR Zhen Zheng: Acupuncture involves stimulating body walls like skin and muscle to produce therapeutic effect. It can be used for a very wide range of conditions – acute pain, chronic pain, and respiratory conditions, skin problems, and gastric problems. So if you can imagine your body… Continue Reading How does acupuncture work? | RMIT University

Have you ever wondered how to explain acupuncture to either a patient or another physician in just two minutes? On November forum this year Dr. Jingduan Yang did exactly that. Actually that was happening before we started. A cardio heart surgeon came to me said, Jing can you explain to… Continue Reading How To Explain Acupuncture In 2 Minutes

Pain Treatment Instant Relief Case Study Acupuncture Brisbane Bob: Hey guys! Today we’re going to talk about a back pain patient case study. This patient had back pain coming along the bladder channel. What we did was we just did the opposite side — and we did the same side… Continue Reading Dr Tan Balance method Back Pain Treatment Instant Relief Acupuncture Brisbane

Anyone living with pain can tell you that it’s challenging to go about your normal day. So in today’s “How it Works”, I’m checking out a treatment that can bring some big benefits, and is also a great tool for overall wellness. (light piano music) – So today I’m with… Continue Reading Acupuncture Treatment