AMNA NAWAZ: Good evening. I’m Amna Nawaz. Judy Woodruff is on assignment. On the “NewsHour” tonight: containing an outbreak — how the Trump administration is preparing the nation for the threat of coronavirus, while China mounts a people’s war against the disease. Then: After another bruising Democratic primary debate, where… Continue Reading PBS NewsHour full episode, Feb 26, 2020

Lots of people in the United States are freaking out about the Coronavirus and as the news stories continue to come out about this, maybe it’s okay to freak out a little bit about it, especially after the news that we got yesterday during Donald Trump’s press conference where he… Continue Reading Trump Thinks Mike Pence Can Save Us From Coronavirus

San Francisco, the same city swimming in human feces, urine and needles, is moving towards banning disposable paper cups in order to save the world from the environmental apocalypse. Fox Business reports, “A growing number of coffee houses in San Francisco are banishing paper to-go cups and replacing them with… Continue Reading San Franciscans, Knee-Deep In Feces and Needles, Vow To Ban Disposable Cups

[ Fanfare plays ] I´m Gavin Haynes, and I´m a man. As a man, I´ve ruled society for millennia, even if it doesn´t always feel like it when I´m trying to get a waiter´s attention. But ruling society isn´t easy, and as an effete British asshole, I´ve always looked towards… Continue Reading The New Wave of American Masculinity

so tonight I’m going to talk about two key mistakes four big questions five risk management questions for legal strategy areas starting to feel like Passover a little bit and I’m gonna give you zero BS and by the way I want you to know this you’re getting a knowledge… Continue Reading Michael Cohen – Speaker on Alternative Medicine and Legal Issues