– Can you actually show me where you’re feeling the pain? – [Patient] So, I feel it in here. – Oh it’s a lot higher up in there, okay. – [Patient] Yeah, and then, I mean I do have lower back too and then it’s just really always in here.… Continue Reading NECK And RIB PAIN Helped by Gonstead Chiropractor

(happy music) – So you’re feeling it right through… Can you actually show me now that I’m looking. – Right here, so my trap. If I move a certain way, it’ll be sharp right here. – Right there? – And a bit… – So it’s like actually here. – Yeah,… Continue Reading SHOULDER PAIN Helped with Gonstead Chiropractic

So what do we have going on today? I just have horrible lower back pain all the time. What happened? Nothing really happened. Just one day I went to like lean down to take off my shoes Like I was coming home. I wanted to take off my shoes. The… Continue Reading HORRIBLE *Low Back Pain* CHIROPRACTIC CRACKING relief