Karen: My name is Karen Holmes and I’ve had migraines for over 40 years. They started when I was 12 and I had it occasionally, but then they came as a transformed migraine. I started getting a daily chronic headache and then they transformed in the transform migraine. I had… Continue Reading Karen; Occipital Nerve Stimulation Successful After 40 Years of Migraine

Implantable neurostimulator…well it’s just that. It’s an implantable unit that goes under the skin. In this case for the control of pain; particularly migraine headaches. People can maybe think of this as a somewhat analogous, or akin to a pacemaker for the heart where little battery is placed under the… Continue Reading Nature of a Peripheral Nerve Stimulator for Migraine Treatment; I

The mechanism by which nerve simulators work is that the battery generates a very mild electromagnetic field at the tip of a long wire. Again, there’s a small battery. We have to conceptualize as very long thin little wire coming in. At the tip is a really mild electromagnetic field.… Continue Reading How Occipital Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment Provides Migraine Relief

In terms of patients getting information, or further information about this procedure, maybe the best is what we term the patient ambassador program. It’s always I think valuable for a potential patient actually speak to another patient. It’s one thing hearing the doctor talk about the procedure, and we try… Continue Reading Availability of Pt Ambassadors to Discuss Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment

For a permanent stimulator, that means we’ve done the test on the patient. It’s worked extremely well and they want to do the permanent. What we do is the day that we take out the test stimulator, I sit down, and once again, go over the process of a permanent… Continue Reading Occipital Nerve Stimulation Migraine Treatment; The Permanent Unit

With the test stimulator, we actually implant a temporary unit, which is no more involved than a little … what looks like an IV tube under the skin, leave it in for three days, and the patient sees if it stops the headaches. If it does, it does so very… Continue Reading Occipital Nerve Stimulation Migraine Treatment; The Trial Implant

When it is successful and stops their headaches, they’re overjoyed for a lot of different reasons. Probably the most important is that their headache’s gone. They get to enjoy life. We had a 50-something year-old patient. It was just beautiful results. She came in overjoyed because she got to go… Continue Reading Occipital Nerve Stimulator Migraine Patients Regain Their Lives

This period of test stimulation shows the patient exactly, and I mean exactly, what a permanent stimulator feels like so for those days it’s going to be pretty simple for them to say, “Hey, this is great. You know? I do like it. It’s just what he said.” Or, you… Continue Reading Occipital Nerve Stimulation Migraine Treatment; Review of the Trial Implant

my name is dr. ken reed practice here in dallas texas with my partner dr. Kelly will various hospitals here primarily Presbyterian Hospital Texas Institute a surgery forest park medical center we’ve been in practice for 20 years in Dallas and for most of that time have been involved with… Continue Reading Why is Reed Migraine Centers Unique for Nerve Stimulation for Migraine?