[MUSIC] Well, after treatment there are sort of two stages following treatment. One is of course after a surgery, and then if somebody’s gonna get radiation and chemo therapy, what happens after after that particular treatment. I think that the, the key with any brain tumor diagnosis in, in terms… Continue Reading Expectations After Brain Tumor Treatment

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There have been a lot of studies, I mean thousands of studies about the impact of alcohol on the brain. And I’ve kind of boiled them down to a simple list, and. This is your brain on alcohol. It is slower, you’re clumsier, you’re dumber, you’re irresponsible, you’re unpredictable, you’re… Continue Reading How Alcohol Affects Your Body’s Functioning

[MUSIC PLAYING] TRACY BRIGGS: For children who suffer migraine headaches, the pain is very real and very intense. But according to Essentia Health Pediatric Neurologist, Dr. Chris DeCock, there is good news for the majority of kids, because the power to conquer frequent headaches is in their own hands. DR.… Continue Reading Medical Insight: Pediatric Migraines – Essentia Health

>>Dr. Lamperti: Hello my name is Dr. Thomas Lamperti and I’m a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in the Seattle area. So what is my overall treatment philosophy? My treatment philosophy really focuses on communicating with my patients and discussing with them their options. I like to find out first… Continue Reading Treatment Philosophy: Communication & Safety | Dr.Thomas Lamperti | Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery

transmission has occurred go in your program takes your stump kampf yes got a member of the family became down with recently fifty two-year-old fellow and immediately picked up that it was gal and he says that’s interesting my father had one of my brothers has a mala death and… Continue Reading How to Help Gout without Medicine