Hi, Dr. McCarthy here with Migraine Treatment Success Secret number two. Today we’re going to talk about the connection between people who have migraine headaches and autoimmune problems. Lots of times the cause of a migraine or chronic migraine headaches can be a problem that lies in your immune system,… Continue Reading Migraine Success Secret #2 “AutoImmune Connection”

Hi, Dr. McCarthy here and I want to welcome you to Migraine Success Secret number 15. Today we’re going to talk about intestinal fortitude, literally. First thing I want to talk to you about is food sensitivities. There are many different types of food sensitivities, not a true allergy but… Continue Reading Migraine Success Secrets #15 “Intestinal Fortitude”

Hi, Dr. McCarthy here with Migraine Success Secret number 20. Today I’m going to implore you to take action now. Most people will sit around with health problems and we’ll see if it will go away, well I’m here to tell you you’ve probably been dealing with this chronic migraine… Continue Reading Migraine Success Secrets #20 “Take Action Now”

Hi, Dr. McCarthy and I want to welcome you to Migraine Success Secret number 16 . Today we’re going to talk about avoiding the false beliefs. We have many patients who have been dealing with their health problems for a long, long time. Many patients, just like you, who’ve been… Continue Reading Migraine Success Secrets #16 “Avoid The False Beliefs”

By focusing only on the physical body and only giving physical treatments, it’s cut itself off from a lot of interventions that are more cost-effective than those that we now use. It’s unwavering commitment to the use of pharmaceutical drugs I see as a real problem. I think adverse drug… Continue Reading What’s Wrong with Conventional Medicine

– You don’t look happy. – We have to talk. Uh, o – It’s about your health. Oh no. Is it really necessary? – Just take a look at something. Really? What now? – It’s on the web. Its great. Twenty-eight doctors and healers all speaking about homeopathic remedies for… Continue Reading Homeopathic Remedies and Holistic Definitions of Alternative Medicine

SIREN WAILS I’ve got some bobbles. They’re pretty, all different, look, pink to make the boys wink. So I don’t have to use condoms any more as hair bobbles. I’ve opened the condom, like, ripped the elastic bit off end, and used that. Improvisation, yeah. They’ve all put their own… Continue Reading Being A Mother Inside Britain’s Legal Red Light District | Sex, Drugs & Murder – Episode 7

[ badly slurred] This is Tom and it’s the 20th of August around 10 after 12:00 AM And this is me reading this [badly slurred] Belonging [badly slurred] to the Y [badly slurred] Strengthens Communities and Two hours later, this is how I talk now Notice how my mouth seems… Continue Reading Medical Miracles with Ambien – Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia

This video was made possible by WIX. If you are ready to create a website, head over to wix.com/go/infographics to try out one of their premium plans right now. Heroin was first manufactured in 1898 by the Bayer pharmaceutical company of Germany and marketed as a treatment for tuberculosis as… Continue Reading What Does Heroin Do To Your Body?

Translator: Rhonda Jacobs Reviewer: Ellen Maloney Do you remember where you were on June 12th, 2016? A few of you might, but I’m betting the vast majority probably don’t. On June 12th, 2016, a lone gunman walked into Pulse Nightclub, killing 46 people in the deadliest mass shooting by a… Continue Reading What the Columbine Shooting taught me about pain and addiction | Austin Eubanks | TEDxMileHigh