(intense music) (indistinct chatter) (intense music) – [Colin] So good man. Every time I try to explain to someone, what we were doing there, they can’t believe that we did it. So, why exactly did we go there? Like this facility? – [Jonah] So last year, when I was in… Continue Reading Panchakarma Treatment – My Ayurvedic Cleanse Experience (Feat. JONAH KEST)

Is acupuncture for pain just a placebo effect? The placebo effect is something that has gotten a lot of attention in our field, in the past eight years even, and I can say that now there are really good studies out there that prove it’s not placebo. There are indications… Continue Reading Acupuncture for Pain Relief- not a Placebo Effect!

Hi it’s Jaime from Guildbrook Farm and welcome to The Dirt. Today I want to talk about our holistic approach to medicine. so think of The Dirt as a getting-to-know-you session and today I want to talk about our holistic approach to medicine and why we believe what we believe… Continue Reading Our Holistic Approach to Medicine

Hi I’m Emilie Salomons, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine who focuses in fertility and pregnancy today I’m gonna show you how to do moxi for breach in pregnancy what I’ve got here is a moxi stick it’s actually made out of mugwort that’s been charcoaled so it doesn’t have a… Continue Reading Moxibustion for Breech in Pregnancy

Hey Malerie here in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you some common questions that I get as an alternative natural holistic healthcare practitioner for those of you that don’t know I practice East Asian medicine which is a complete system of care that includes acupuncture herbal ISM dietary… Continue Reading Ask an Acupuncturist: Questions I’m Frequently Asked (FAQs)

The Illusion: This is The Illusion, reporting from somewhere on Spaceship Earth. I’m in the terra cruiser, Pasadena, California. Jammed up my neck surfing, saw stars. And I got recommended to come out here to Pasadena to see an acupuncturist. It sounds great if you’re not afraid of needles. I… Continue Reading THE ILLUSION – ACUPUNCTURE AND CUPPING (new show) EPISODE 2 OF 5

Hey guys! Doug Soell here with Velocity Physical Therapy in Denton, Texas. Just want to kind of go over what dry needling is and how it differs from acupuncture. You know this is a question we get all the time as we offer dry needling to most of all of… Continue Reading Dry Needling VS Acupuncture

[Music] okay first of all this is not the video that we were anticipating on making this week as you can tell from the title of the video this was supposed to be about my experience getting acupuncture right in Korea and it kind of went wrong so we’re gonna… Continue Reading Acupuncture Gone Terribly Wrong in Korea 한의원 시술 후 응급실로 갔어요ㅠㅠ

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hi everybody once again Adrian Melero from Miami Acupuncture Therapy and today we’re going to talk about acupuncture without needles. Now, needles is not the only way you can stimulate an acupuncture point… you could use acupressure there’s many other ways, you could even use electricity and the way I… Continue Reading Acupuncture Without Needles !