So this is techniques for the ankles. Primarily I use my finger walking and I’ll use any where from just one to I’ll use a couple. So one of the first things we’ll do is we’ll work around the malleolus, both on the medial and lateral aspect. So, the inside… Continue Reading How to Work the Ankles | Reflexology

This is how to relieve hip and knee pain using foot reflexology techniques. So, it’s going to be on this outer lateral aspect of the foot. You can see there’s kind of a protrusion here. This is the base of the fifth metatarsal. You can easily find that. That’s one… Continue Reading How to Relieve Hip & Knee Pain | Reflexology

So much of my experience, ever since I first got period cramps, was one of the great pain. I used to pass out, have to take 1,000 milligrams of Motrin every three hours, really really painful. So when I experienced reflexology and then on a more regular basis with certain… Continue Reading How to Relieve Menstrual Cramps & PMS | Reflexology

So foot reflexology for TMJ and jaw pain. Primarily the points you’re going to want to focus on are the toes. So on the toes, right around the nail are the reflexes to the teeth, the jaw, and all through here. There’s the upper jaw and there is the lower… Continue Reading How to Relieve TMJ & Jaw Pain | Reflexology

The reflex points we’re going to focus on for migraines and headaches are the reflexes to the brain, head, neck reflexes, the spinal reflexes and then we’ll end with the solar plexus. So, we’ll begin using thumb and finger-walking techniques. And we’ll start with the toe, work our way down.… Continue Reading How to Relieve Headaches & Migraines | Reflexology

The main point we’re going to want to focus on is the colon reflex. With the colon reflex, it’s going to be starting with the ileocecal valve, which will be right down here. We’re going to travel up the ascending colon, transverse colon, cut across to the other foot. Course… Continue Reading How to Relieve Constipation | Reflexology

So we’re going to start on this outer lateral aspect of the foot. They sciatic nerve reflex will come down here. I’m just going to show you drawing the whole line first. Pass through here, it’ll continue on, on the heel of the foot. And then it’ll actually wrap around… Continue Reading How to Relieve Sciatica | Reflexology

I love this question, because certainly reflexology is kind of synonymous to stress relief. So certainly if you could give a whole session using all your reflexology techniques and being with the whole foot, that’s great. Anywhere from five minutes to an hour, but I’m going to give you a… Continue Reading How to Relieve Stress | Reflexology

So if you want to use reflexology for back pain you’re gonna want to focus on spinal reflexes. So we’ll start there; so you actually don’t have to move the other foot up but just for our purposes you could see this medial aspect; usually the person can sit with… Continue Reading How to Relieve Back Pain | Reflexology

So, how to relieve shoulder pain using some foot reflexology techniques. Of course, you are going to want to do this shoulder reflex. So, its on both feet and it just in this area, here. Just again, both feet. Actually, I think its really nice to give attention both to… Continue Reading How to Relieve Shoulder Pain | Reflexology