Before I get to your questions I would just like to announce that this weekend Professor Boyfriend and I got a joint membership to the YMCA and we bought a dehydrator. We’re pretty much common-law married now. In lieu of wedding gifts though just let me know what you would… Continue Reading Are Men Having a Body Image Crisis?

Hey guys, it’s Hannah. So today is really interesting because we’re going to talk about body image and how it relates to bipolar disorder; specifically, in my case, obviously. I struggled with an eating disorder, which a lot of people don’t know, for years. I got this horrible, horrible negative… Continue Reading Bipolar and Body Image

Hey, everybody. Welcome back to my blog. I’m working on my yearbook photo. I just want to Photoshop it a little bit so people remember me as I really am. Just going to highlight the hair a little bit. Let’s get rid of this pimple. Maybe a tan? That’s it.… Continue Reading Bodies: Different Shapes and Sizes. All Beautiful!

When I came off the show I’ve got a lot of abuse for being like overweight and fat. I was a size 10 and all the girls in there were they were all beautiful but they were smaller than me they were like size 6 size 8 but I’d come… Continue Reading Love Island cast talk about body image and social media trolls | Cosmopolitan UK

Hey everybody, thanks for checking back. This week’s video I’m going to tell you seven facts about anorexia. Why it’s serious and why we need to get help as soon as possible. So, like I said, today I want to talk to you about seven facts that you may or… Continue Reading 7 MUST KNOW Facts about ANOREXIA – Eating disorder & Treatment w/Kati Morton | Kati Morton

– Okay, America, it’s time to finally admit that we are obsessed with our body. Whether losing weight or gaining muscle, whether lifting our butts or finding a shirt that perfectly masks our perceived flaws. I know how it is, you see I was born with Pectus Excavatum. Which to… Continue Reading Positive Body Image & Self Love – A Rant for Mental Health + Body Acceptance