Hello every one The video is rather long but for everyone’s benefit 00:22 history of punch needle 03:55 Needle Parts 06:33 Needle method One interesting thing about punch needle is its unique history Here’s the short version: Miniature punch needle embroidery has been around for a very long time Ancient… Continue Reading التطريز للمبتدئين .. ابرة النفاش punch needle

I often hear people telling me that they don’t even know where to begin when they get an embroidery machine so today’s episode is going to be machine embroidery 101 everything you need to know and have to start and run a project first off materials you’re going to need… Continue Reading The Ultimate Machine Embroidery Guide for Beginners (Embroidery Hub Ep102)

Let’s talk needle positions, for example, with a straight stitch selected you will notice that instead of width here, you have a picture of a stitch that you can move side to side. You’ll notice if I go ahead and plus it, there’s lots of increments, there’s 29 needle positions,… Continue Reading Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby 11 Needle Positions

Hello, and welcome to common errors [in] machine Embroidery in this one part video series You’ll learn how to easily correct the common error messages. You may be receiving on your embroidery machine We will cover the following how to correct an o’neill error or color change error How to… Continue Reading MT-1501 How-To: Common Errors

hello and welcome today I’m going to introduce you to the perfect starter embroidery machine for beginners and pros alike embroidery is an art but like all art forms your creative potential depends greatly on your tools whether you’re a hobbyist looking to embroider at home a crafter who wants… Continue Reading Ricoma EM-1010 Home Embroidery Machine | Best Embroidery Machine for Home

Hi, I’m Valentina Castillo, graphic designer and embroiderer. You can find my work on my social media, or in the book “I Love My Dog Embroidery,” by MakikoArt, where I embroidered more than 40 breeds of dogs. I’ve really identified with “do it yourself” from a young age, this self-management… Continue Reading Needle painting para principiantes – Curso online de Valentina Castillo

Hi! This is SilverSnow. Today, since it’s New Years, I’ve prepared a DIY tutorial to transform old sweaters with simple stitches using wool thread. Let’s go and make a small, cute tulip, shall we? Go Go! Begin by threading a needle. You can use the Chenille needle that fits wool… Continue Reading [프랑스 자수ENG CC] Simple Tulip Embroidery 🌷초간단 털실 튤립 자수 🌷

Fabric: Gabardine (China) polyester, fabric for sewing uniforms Thread – DMC (melange) or DMC, Anchor link to the template under this video this is chinese thread – twisted thread Friendship thread (melange) tapestry needle first petal woven picot stitch length – 2 cm width – 1 cm second petal second… Continue Reading Цветочная вышивка: как вышить Подсолнух