No matter where you are in this endowed journey I think it’s important to add these vitamins and I wish I would have added these vitamins to the beginning of my journey because I Believe that my process probably would have been extremely different Hey, everyone is Kyla Canzater and… Continue Reading Endometriosis Pain Relief with Vitamins | What Health Supplements Should I Take with Endometriosis?

I would disagree with this. I think that serious pain is never normal. Many women have a menstrual cycle and they’re able to function it in their lives but women with endometriosis have a different level of pain that’s associated with their menstrual cycle. And some of them don’t even… Continue Reading Medical Myth – Endometriosis Pregnancy Pain – Penn State Health – 2

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Oh hi babes! Have you ever gone to have penis in vagina sex and your vagina was like NOPE That s*** hurts! Get OUT! You’re not alone, and no – it’s not in your head Let’s talk about pain during sex. Y’all have emailed me about this a *lot* over… Continue Reading PAINFUL SEX??

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Endometriosis feels to me like someone’s hand is literally clenched up in a fist with all the knives on all of the digits and then it goes right up inside you, just near your lungs, and then it, kind of, punches you two, three, four, hundreds of times. The pain… Continue Reading Endometriosis Feels Like Being Punched Up The Vagina With Sharp Knives | Body Language

[raps/sings?] – Pain, what is pain? how does pain manifest? [claps] I’m gonna tell you today, I’m gonna debunk some myths – [cute xylophone theme plays] Welcome! [interrupting cough] Victoria from the present signing in! [breathy laugh] Happy Endometriosis Awareness month and Women’s History month! Also, we reached past 500… Continue Reading Debunking the Myths of Chronic Pain

Hi I’m Krisinda, I’m 38 years old, my husband and I are from Malibu California, and I am a certified nutritional therapist and he is a chiropractor, so we’re both pretty knowledgeable in health and nutrition and supplements but apparently not enough to get pregnant. My progesterone was low and… Continue Reading Alternative Treatment for Endometriosis – Healthy Natural Pregnancy & Healthy Baby at 38!

– There is no scientific evidence that crystals and gemstones are able to treat ailments based off their color and chemical make. – Yeah, but it’s like what else is healing us? Certainly not science, so. – Woooo! (air horn blasts) Shots fired at science! (tinkling music) – Hi, I’m… Continue Reading Women Try Crystal Healing For Chronic Pain