ENERGY HEALING 101 Hello everyone Today I’m going to teach you basic Energy Healing 101. Energy healing is its own life subject. You could basically donate your entire life to studying just this one thing. In the future, I plan on creating my own energy healing modality, which people can… Continue Reading ENERGY HEALING 101 (Extrasensory Luminary TEAL SWAN Demonstrates How To Do Energy Work)

hi there it is Saturday November 2nd I’m Yvonne Decelis coming to you on YDCtv; I know it’s been a while since I put a video up and I apologize for that I’ve been having really bad pains this week don’t know what the deal is it might be the… Continue Reading 101. FREE video: how to EFT tap for pain removal and good luck

hi there! I’m Yvonne Decelis and I’m just here to go over to Meridian tracings as promised I’m going to show you how to trace your spleen Meridian and the heart Meridian and as I showed once before I wanted to show this one more time this is from Donna… Continue Reading 60. Meridian trace your way to wellness with energy healing and NO NEEDLES!

Hi there I’m Yvonne Decelis coming to you on YDCtv. Today is actually Saturday it is May 4th and it’s about 1:30 p.m. I wanted to do this video yesterday I just didn’t get a chance to make it so I’m sorry for the delay but I’m going to do… Continue Reading 64. More ways to full body energy heal with meridian tracing 🙌

Hello there! I’m Yvonne Decelis and I’m coming to you on YDCtv. I think I’m gonna put this first video up on Wednesday May 1st probably at midnight maybe a little later or later in the day but this should be up on Wednesday the first so happy May I… Continue Reading 63. How to full body energy heal by tracing your own meridians