Hi. I’m Donna Eden, founder of the Eden Method, and I’m coming to Sweden. I am so excited to meet all of you and teach you Eden Energy Medicine. I’ll be teaching in both Stockholm and Malmo. In the classes, you will learn different techniques and protocols to help you… Continue Reading Donna Eden Energy Medicine. What Is Energy Healing? Donna Says Hello!

The kids at the time we started Access Consciousness were I believe 11, 9, and 3 and I’ll give you an example I remember we went to a Kung Fu Tournament for the boys, okay, and the 11 and 9 year old and my second son he came in first… Continue Reading Homeopathy and Children

Hi, everyone and welcome back for another episode of the WellBe Show and Podcast. I am so excited to have with me Jill Blakeway today. She is a licensed and board-certified acupuncturist and clinical herbalist. She is also the founder of the lovely Yinova Center in New York City, where… Continue Reading How Does Energy Healing Work? Dr. Jill Blakeway Explains the Types of Energy Healing

Hi, my name is Liz. I’m from Scotland. I’m a Reiki Master healer. Today, I’ve been baptized with the Holy Spirit. I’ve come to Christ and have repented from my sins. Leave her! Come out, in Jesus’ name. Demon, go! If you read in the Bible, it’s a form of… Continue Reading Reiki master meets Jesus

Hi – I’m Tara – You may be wondering what I am holding here today. This is The Miracle Mat! For those of you that know me – know how passionate I am about alternative health options. I personally have been using The Miracle Mat for over six years. It’s… Continue Reading The Miracle Mat – Benefits of Acupuncture without Needles

Natural Synergy Cure Program – Eliminate Pain and Destroy of Diseases Stop Tune into your body. How are you feeling in this moment? tired in pain sick run down What if I told you that I could give you a pain-free healthy body and mind within the next few moments?… Continue Reading Natural Synergy Cure Program – Eliminate Pain and Destroy of Diseases