What is Chi? Hi my name’s Mark Brinson, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Physical Medicine and Human Performance Specialist. O.k., what is Chi? This is kind of a sensitive subject with me because people think that it’s all this mysterious sort of hairy fairy thing, Chi, you know, it’s got to… Continue Reading Acupuncture : What Is Chi?

When we apply the acupuncture treatment and what kind of manipulation we applied also can be connected with different kind of seasons. For instance, if it is spring, then because the energy circulate on a more superficial area of the body, we applied a needles more superficial to facilitate energy… Continue Reading Acupuncture Health Tips : Acupuncture Timing Tips

Myung C. Kim, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, published the book “Acupuncture for Self Defense” in 1971. The book is currently out of print, but will be revised in the near future. This book theorized that acupuncture points can be used either to paralyze or heal someone. Pressing LARGE INTESTINE POINT… Continue Reading Myung Kim’s Acupuncture Theory on Cancer

Hi and welcome to my video series about how to boost your energy and fight fatigue with acupressure points. In that series I’m going to demonstrate the six major tonic points that can help you boost your energy whenever you need it. Today I’m going to demonstrate the Sea of… Continue Reading Boost Your Energy With Acupressure • Anne Cossé

A lower-back injury affects points on the Urinary Bladder Channel, the Gall Bladder Channel, and particularly the Gall Bladder 30-point, located on the hip. The harm can be transmitted through the Liver Channel to cause Ovarian Cancer. What is an Acupuncture Channel? If we dissect a human body, you can… Continue Reading Myung Kim’s Acupuncture Theory on Ovarian and Uterine Cancer

It may seem counterintuitive, but there are many instances where science can actually hold us back from new discoveries and knowledge. Unfortunately, mainstream science is quick to discount anything which cannot be physically seen or felt, making notions like ‘energy points’ within the body seem like pure science fiction. But… Continue Reading How Qi (Chi) Energy Flows Through The 12 Meridian Points Within Your Body

Thee 3 subjects that we will be tackling On today’s Medkit are : The mirror that aims to fix your skin problems. Why do humans Dance? And At home weight loss acupressure treatments! Let us step into the realm of fairy tales, a realm filled with mirrors that communicate with… Continue Reading Acupressure Points for Weight Loss – MedKit

My name is Dr. Wayne Dyer and I’m really happy and proud to endorse the work of Dr. Tony Willcox. Acupuncture is something that I believe strongly in. I have written lots and lots of books about energy and how to improve the quality of your life and acupuncture is… Continue Reading Acupuncture Delray Beach

I was wondering if we could try something because I know that you’re channeling and I first met you in 2011 and I went to you and you channel for me and that was a difficult part in my life I didn’t know what to do and you said I… Continue Reading Lilli Bendriss – Channeling Extra-dimensional Beings and Light language (2:2)

Acupuncture without needles thanks nathalie for the trads ! hi everyone! Today I made a video about acupunture without needles. I choose this topic because there were not really a great sucess in my question, asking you to find a topic^^ In the body there are points where the energies… Continue Reading Apprenez à faire de l’acupuncture avec vos doigts = L’ACUPRESSION