hello friends we are presenting you the solutions for your queries one of our viewer says his wife is having migraine problem due to this she is facing more problems in sex life whenever he wants to have sex his wife says she has headache so next time so he… Continue Reading Yaun Jeevan Behtar Banane Ke Upay Yadi Apko Migraine Hai │ Life Care │ Health Education Video

Hi. Welcome to www.engvid.com. I’m Adam. In today’s video I’m going to give you a bit of an anatomy lesson. Now, first of all, we have to understand a few things. One, this is very scientific things and it’s not necessarily important for everybody, but it’s good to know. You… Continue Reading Learn English Vocabulary: Your Body & Organs

Hey Remember me, I’m Antony from Antony’s apologies Antony’s apologies is on tour doing seminars in a Travelodge near you Anyway, you ain’t getting the dumpster in the picture. Are you and I want the dumpster, okay Listen, come on down pick Travelodge. Anthony’s apology is doing seminar on how… Continue Reading Tony’s Detoxificity Seminar

Before some days… Husband: Mom, Why there’s no clothes to change! What is she doing other than washing the clothes? All my clothes are dirty, How can I wear the same clothes again and again? Here’s the lunch, please eat on time Mom, I am leaving ask her to cook… Continue Reading Pennin vali (Woman’s Pain) – A Tamil Short film (English subtitles)

We will name the body parts. This is the elbow. And this is wrist. The wrist joint. The elbow is a joint as well. The elbow joint. This is a palm. This is a palm. We will name the fingers. Release your fist! Show me your fingers. This is a… Continue Reading Body parts – English vocabulary

hello my friends welcome to my channel I hope you’re all doing fine I’m miss Kholoud and today I have an easy lesson but it’s very important it’s about pain the different kinds of pain and the most common illness or sickness before I start I want to remind you… Continue Reading pain & sickness vocabulary

How to decrease 4 stitches in English rib Hello everyone, this is the DROPS team In this DROPS video we show how to decrease 4 stitches in English rib with 2 colours.

Translator: Bob Prottas Reviewer: Leonardo Silva So, just recently, I went out on a Match.com date, and it was fantastic. We liked the same things, we liked movies at the Angelika, unknown restaurants, Central Park; he had a job, (Laughter) a career, a graduate degree, and the first date was… Continue Reading Every body: glamour, dateability, sexuality & disability | Dr. Danielle Sheypuk | TEDxBarnardCollege

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Translator: Mohand Habchi Reviewer: Daniel Cosovanu Can anyone explain to me why we spend millions and millions of dollars on educating about drug prevention, don’t take drugs because they’re bad for you. And allowing parents to worry themselves sick about will my child get into drugs because they mix in… Continue Reading TEDxNewy 2011 – Liz Mullinar – Treating the core problem of childhood trauma.