(Suspenseful music) Tronics on guard. The Cyber Gate’s gotta be just inside. It’s huge, no way they moved it. The Tronics are moving away. Then let’s go. You’re too important. We can’t risk you getting near that thing. I’ve got something in mind. Oh, great. Come on. Don’t move a… Continue Reading Power Rangers Beast Morphers – Evox’s New Body | Episode 9 “Silver Sacrifice”

– [Archie] I hurt all the time. What am I supposed to do? – [Mrs. Burble] Talk to me. – [Betty] I am exploding. – [Mrs. Burble] Why do you think that is? (Cheryl screams) – [Mrs. Burble] You’re locked in a dance of death. – [Cheryl] What’s wrong with… Continue Reading Riverdale 4×08 Promo “In Treatment” (HD) Season 4 Episode 8 Promo

That’s Game Face and Nightmare! And a walking chalkboard. Switch their bodies! You got it, teach. (zapping) Next! (zapping) Oh, no! I’m in Shelby’s body? And I’m in Tyler’s body? Me in Chase body? I’m in Koda’s body? (screams) This is not cool. Welcome to the school of hard knocks!… Continue Reading Power Rangers Dino Super Charge – Power Rangers vs Professor / Body Swaps (Freaky Fightday)

Welcome to the vitalife show I’m Doctor Janine Bowring and today we’re talking about treating Meniere’s disease and we have a great testimonial which I’m going to share at the end of this video and what are the symptoms of manures. When the nerves have to do with the inner… Continue Reading Natural Treatment for Meniere’s Disease : Stop dizziness Naturally – VitaLife Show Episode 276

Cream and sugar! Eggs and flour! Milk! Queenjam! Add eggs! Add milk! Whip the crap! Add flour! Time to fry the shit! And fry! Not done yet! Tom! Put some cream in my beard! Perfect! Next time! We’ll eat a spruce forest! Or a pine forest!

– I don’t miss much. – Me too. – No, I don’t miss much. I’m reading body language, I’m reading– I am doing the same. Everything. TRACY MCMILLAN(VOICEOVER): Hi, I’m Tracy McMillan from “Family or Fiance” and I’m here to take a look at these singles in “Ready to Love”,… Continue Reading Body Language Breakdown: Is Alexis Feeling Kerry? | Ready to love | Oprah Winfrey Network

– Just don’t nobody– What the [BLEEP] are you talking about. Jimmy? Don’t piss me off out here. I swear to God. TRACY MCMILLAN: Hi, I’m Tracy McMillan from “Family or Fiance,” and I’m here to take a look at these singles on “Ready To Love.” Their body language, their… Continue Reading Body Language Breakdown: Kimber and Jimmy | Ready to love | Oprah Winfrey Network

Welcome to the first episode of Off Our Needles! We’re the Grocery Girls This is our Color Crush episode It’s gonna be non-stop, WILD color We’re talking about the Fiesta mitten by Lucy Neatby it’s a colorwork mitten I’ll show you how to do it. I don’t care if I… Continue Reading ALL NEW SERIES coming March 3: Off Our Needles featuring the Grocery Girls