– And this is the thing. The hospital wants to make money, and keep their patient satisfaction scores up so what do they do? They start an integrative medicine service, which basically they should call it the Placebo Team. Like Team Placebo, like rush in oh we need a placebo… Continue Reading Doc Vader on Integrative Medicine | DocVader.com

Natural treatment methods for abdominal migraine. Aside from the use of medications as a remedy for abdominal migraine, other methods such as homeopathy and yoga can also be effective. The following are some natural home remedies for abdominal migraine in children, as well as for adults. Avoid food triggers. Foods… Continue Reading Abdominal Migraine Natural Treatment Home Remedies For Children & Adults With Herbs & Essential Oils

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Like. Share. Subscribe. [music] [music] Regardless of age, sooner or later, we will all suffer aches; whether caused by intense exercise, arthritis, or a fall. For those who prefer natural ingredients, that are both safe and effective – for adults as well as children, aromatherapy is the way to go.… Continue Reading Aromatherapy for Pain Relief (HD) (CC)

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