Alright so I want you to pretend that you’re drinking. Bring the cup to your face. Try to bring it as close as you can to your mouth My tremor started I guess it was ten, twelve, it may have been longer, years ago and got progressively worse especially over… Continue Reading Focused Ultrasound Treatment for Essential Tremor | Jordan’s Story

Hi everyone. I am Yasuko and it’s time for Massage Monday. My very first massage class was 100-hour intensive Swedish Massage class. It was intensive because we had the class almost every day and we were done in one month. One of the requirements in this Swedish Massage Class was… Continue Reading Tai Chi at ECETI – Massage Monday #461

Lily Benares is an honor to have you on my show much much welcome thank you very much we have been talking about it for almost two years and it never happened now it’s the time apparently and we’re at this conference in Bergen and I saw you had a… Continue Reading Lilli Bendriss – her contact with The Andromeda Galaxy (1:2)

hello everybody this is yarmulke ans I’m at the well-being festival again live sending live from here and today I’m sitting now with Lily Bendis she’s a medium and she’s very well-known in Norway from a TV series that’s called the house of spirits and she’s an author she’s traveling… Continue Reading We are the Star Gates – Lilli Bendriss on her contact with beings from other Galaxies

I was wondering if we could try something because I know that you’re channeling and I first met you in 2011 and I went to you and you channel for me and that was a difficult part in my life I didn’t know what to do and you said I… Continue Reading Lilli Bendriss – Channeling Extra-dimensional Beings and Light language (2:2)

hello everybody this is Jana Q from wisdom from North I’m now recording live from the well being a festival in Norway and I’m sitting here with a Lilly Bendis the famous medium and channeler here in Norway hello and Lilly how are you I am fine excellent so you… Continue Reading We are a Divine Computer Program – Lilli Bendriss on her information from Highly Intelligent Beings