Number 15. Steven Kocher In a missing persons case, you’d think that surveillance footage of the victim would be a huge break in the case and lead to a very happy ending for the loved ones of those that disappeared. However, in many cases such as this one surveillance footage… Continue Reading Top 15 Shocking Unexplainable Events Caught On Video

HERRERA: Actually I don’t need my glasses, I can see this. Good evening, everyone, I’m Luis Herrera, I’m the City Librarian here in San Francisco and I’m really delighted to see a full house here, and I guess that’s not surprising because we have a wonderful, wonderful program for you.… Continue Reading Mary Roach in conversation with Adam Savage at San Francisco Public Library

(slow electronic music) – Oh, so you’re clearly still mad about that? – Yeah, you’re a baby. – Oh, thanks, babe. – I’m gonna start blushing. Hey, everybody, welcome back to our channel! I’m Shawn! – I’m Andrew! – And we are in the middle of a cringy, cheesy, love–… Continue Reading i made my husband wait 9 months… | shawn johnson

Let’s conduct a hypothetical clinical trial of a new drug that may reduce pain. We’ll take 3000 patients and assign them to three groups randomly. We’ll give group 1 no treatment. Group 2 will receive a sugar pill containing no active substances, and Group 3 will get our drug. We’ll… Continue Reading Acupuncture