A systematic review by Zhang published in the European Spine Journal looked at Modic changes in low back pain. And just for a little bit of a review. Modic changes are vertebral endplate changes that have been strongly associated with low back pain. There’s 4 different types. Type 0 is… Continue Reading Modic Changes and Low Back Pain

I have a concern about evidence-based medicine. It has immense value, but i’m concerned that within the medical system it’s become the be all and end all that is to medicine. And while it has value, I also wanna show you that I think we need a revolution with regard… Continue Reading An Integrative Holistic Approach to Evidence Based Medicine – Daniel Friedland, MD, ABIHM

Long Term Opioid Therapy Reconsidered Effectiveness for Chronic Pain Treatment of chronic pain with opioid has increased dramatically in recent years Evidence to support this practice is lacking. Myth: Opioids have been proven safe and effective for chronic non-cancer pain. Mark D Sullivan, MD PhD, Professor, University of Washington: We… Continue Reading Effectiveness of Opioids for Chronic Pain