Whether you’re into fitness or not, you must have heard of the humble burpee. Burpees are one of the most exhausting bodyweight exercises. Some appreciate them, others fear them but without a doubt, they are one the most challenging bodyweight exercises out there. They have become a common part of… Continue Reading Do Burpees Every Day And See What Happens To Your Body

The human body is amazing, a symphony of bones, muscles, cells, organs, liquids and an incomprehensible number of chemical reactions, all working together simultaneously to keep us moving, breathing and well living. And we think learning about all these details, big and small, is fascinating. So we put together this… Continue Reading How Exactly is the Human Body Organized?

Hey my loves wel’come back to my channel I’m Jane and if you’re new please subscribe to join the family I’m turn on the notification bell so you don’t miss all my workouts. So today we’re doing a low impact fat burning workout and don’t get it twisted it’s going… Continue Reading CALORIE BURNING CARDIO WORKOUT| Full body Low Impact Fat Burning|Beginner friendly~Janekate Fitness

(upbeat music) – We are back in it for a 25-minute full-body EMOM. If you don’t remember, EMOM is Every Minute On the Minute. Ideally, this entire round of workouts that I’m gonna give you is gonna take you less than a minute. And then you have the remainder of… Continue Reading Full Body EMOM Workout | Home Body: Kym Nonstop’s 8-Week At Home Fitness Plan

– [Rhonda]: But we were talking a little bit like off camera, about some of the, you know, you were talking about these, some societies, that were doing these running long term, running as a sort of possible treatment for depression, or? – [Charles]: Well, not treatment for depression, these… Continue Reading Ancient practices as a treatment for depression: fasting, sweat lodges & long-distance running

Hey guys, you ready to sweat?? Today we’re gonna get fit with some super simple exercises you can do at home. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bunch of fancy equipment, for today’s work out, you only need your body! Before we get moving, why not subscribe to Bestie… Continue Reading 9 Easy Home Workouts That Will Tone And Shape Your Body

Is your back bothering you? If yes, then we got a good medicine. But first of all, we should take a look on how lower back pain is caused. Besides a herniated disc which is another topic, a lot of problems occur with three issues. 1) Shortened and 2) weak… Continue Reading Fix Lower Back Pain | 3 Easy Tips