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From laying on your back, bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor. Then cross your right ankle over your left knee and draw your knees in toward your chest. Interlace your fingers behind the thickest part of the thigh. If that’s too intense, cause your hips… Continue Reading Yoga Hip Opening Poses for Beginners : Yoga: Eye of the Needle Pose

– In today’s video we are doing a 10-minute full body workout. So hope you are ready and excited for this one. If you wanna know the best diet and training program for you, then don’t forget to check out the quiz below. (upbeat music) Welcome to your full body… Continue Reading 10 Minute Full Body Home Workout

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Hi everybody. I’m Steph. I’m a physical therapist. Today I want to talk about how to deal with foot and calf pain. One of the best ways I have found to treat it is using a tennis ball. Our calf muscle has these two big, they’re called heads. So the… Continue Reading HOW TO RELIEVE FOOT PAIN WITH A TENNIS BALL

Hey, guys. Cassey here, and welcome to our first episode on Livestrong Woman for Pilates Bootcamp. I’m so, so, so excited to get started. We’re gonna tone up your arms, your abs, your butt, your legs — everything. You’re gonna be so sore tomorrow. Are you ready to get started?… Continue Reading Total Body Toning for Beginners | Pilates Bootcamp With Cassey Ho

4 Simple Exercises to Relieve Back Pain at Home – Stretching Exercises for Back Pain| HealthPedia

Let’s move on to being overweight and how much a role that plays in chronic pain I’d imagine a lot… Yeah, it can, just because you’re carrying all this extra weight and putting a little bit more stress on the bones and that’s just gonna affect some other things especially… Continue Reading The Impact of Obesity in Chronic Pain

(electro party music) – ♫ (lyrics) Get, get yo body, body, mo-mo movin’ ♫ Get, get yo body, body, mo-mo movin’ ♫ Get, get yo body, body, mo-mo movin’ ♫ Get, get yo body, body, mo-mo movin’ ♫ Everybody here let me see you dip ♫ Let me see you… Continue Reading Get Yo Body Movin – Koo Koo Kanga Roo | GoNoodle

if you’ve got AC joint pain you’ve got to be doing these three exercises immediately to finally get your shoulder healthy yo what’s up it’s Coach E here from precision movement and today we are going to go through three exercises to help you fix up your AC joint pain… Continue Reading AC Joint Pain Exercises for Shoulder Rehab