P: Oh, look at the poor little thing. TB: Oh, now you’re feeling bad for this thing? See how sweet you are? You’re feeling bad? (laughter) P: It’s so nailless! (music) Patient: No, it’s because it lifted it got worse. I guess it was kind of like redamaged. TB: Okay.… Continue Reading HOW TO TREAT YOUR BIG THICK RAM’S HORN TOENAIL – FOOT HEALTH MONTH 2018 #14

What’s up my toes? It’s Jonathan. It’s day number three in May for Foot Health Month. So today’s video is gonna be a real-life application of what happens when you don’t wear proper footwear. Yesterday’s video, which by the way I’m filming today, was discussing the importance of proper footwear.… Continue Reading FOOT CORN REMOVAL FULL TREATMENT – FOOT HEALTH MONTH 2018 #3

Meet the anti-bullfighting campaigner who had a world record 2,500 needles stuck in her body as part of her bid to have the sport banned in her home country. Traditionally, a bullfight involves the matador, or chief performer, killing the animal by impaling it with a sword after a period… Continue Reading Woman Sticks 2500 Needles Into Her Back In Anti-Bullfighting Protest

TB: You did really well two injections, not easy. Okay all finished. Patient: It was very painful. TB: I know, I know but you’re done, okay? (music) TB: So what we’re gonna do first, we’re gonna find the area where it hurts the most. P: Okay. TB: I’m gonna mark… Continue Reading 3 PAINFUL CORTISONE INJECTIONS FOR EXTREME FOOT PAIN!!! Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

In the spring of 2009, 72 year old Prax Sanchez was having trouble hearing and also experiencing earaches. A hearing specialist sent him to get an MRI. Just after the scan started, Prax felt an excruciating pain under his right eye. Meanwhile the technicians stopped the test, saying that they… Continue Reading Crazy Things A Doctor Removed From Inside Person’s Body

“You look like a freak.” “What planet did you come from?” “You’re going to regret that.” “Who would find that attractive?” My husband. Oh right. “You look like a freak” Freak look good. I have it tattooed here. I love being a freak. And she was like, “Why do you… Continue Reading Things Not To Say To Someone With Body Modifications

– [Chris] Perseverance: steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. If I could sum this whole 30-day body transformation into just one word, it would be perseverance. (intense montage music) I started this 30-day challenge because, well, I definitely felt like I had a dad-bod. I… Continue Reading CHRIS HERIA – 30 DAY BODY TRANSFORMATION | 2018

The juices are coming out of there right now! Whoa! Look how bloody this is. Hello, YouTube. Welcome to Guava Juice. Today we’re going to explode a watermelon with some rubber bands. So I’ve seen this all over the internet, and I’ve always wanted to do this my whole entire… Continue Reading EXPLODING WATERMELON CHALLENGE! (EXTREME)

I already know this is probably the worst video i’m ever going to make, my name Tom Harlock if you haven’t seen my channel before then welcome, feel free to subscribe if you want How’ve you guys been I know it’s been a while. I’ll explain the gloves in a… Continue Reading I try acupuncture