Labyrinthitis feels like You are on a fairground ride that you never wanted to get on in the first place That you are whizzing round and round It doesn’t matter whether your eyes are open or whether your eyes are shut you’re still whizzing round and round it makes you… Continue Reading Labyrinthitis and Vertigo (BPPV): Hazel’s story | NHS

One of most powerful exercises is this one… Basically what you have to do in this exercise is: First of all what you’ll have to do is to put your finger in front of your eyes and after that find a point far away. For this example in this video… Continue Reading Eye exercises which cured my Myopia in just 2 months (Bates Method)

Hello. I’m Dr. Serene. I’m an Australian cosmetic and complementary GP and today, I want to show you how to improve your eyes because hooded eyes run in my family and I thought I really need to find a way to improve this so I’ve devised a series of eye… Continue Reading Eye Lid Lift Exercises