I’m here to introduce you to the SpectraLift, which is quite a thing to do, because I’ve done it so many times before. The SpectraLift, 12 years ago, started as the CP3, and then it became the CP4, and then the 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, et cetera, depending on… Continue Reading Non Surgical Facelift Before and After

I was not aware that I was self-conscious of my chin until it started drooping. My name is Angela and today I’m getting Kybella injections. Two years ago I experienced some trauma in my life, I lost a loved one, I moved across country — the list goes on. Experiencing… Continue Reading Kybella Double Chin Removal Treatment Up Close | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

Hi Mary I’m Rheagan and I’m a registered acupuncturist and today we’ll be doing a facial rejuvenation program that’s the insertion of really tiny needles into your face as well as points all over your body to complete the whole wellness package we treat the whole body because the outer… Continue Reading How an Acupuncture Facelift Works

Hello, I’m Dr. Serene Lim. I’m a cosmetic and complementary GP, and today I want to show you some very good points to massage in your face and scalp. Don’t worry if you can’t locate the exact points because your face and your scalp are really rich with trigger points,… Continue Reading Facial Acupressure Points