Top 5 Signs Sheís Interested in You! Body Language PART TEN Normally I provide body language workshops and training for business people, but today I thought I would do something a little different. I am often requested to talk about attraction signals, the signals that people send to show that… Continue Reading Top 5 Signs She’s Interested in You! Body Language PART TEN

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[MUSIC] When I was in fifth grade, I won an eating contest by eating five chicken-fried steaks.>>[LAUGH] >>I used to volunteer at the Palo Alto VA Hospital to help them perform autopsies. When I lived in Australia I used to work night shifts as a bartender, as a professional mover… Continue Reading Decoding Deceptive Body Language

Hello. I’m Dr. Serene. I’m an Australian cosmetic and complementary GP and today, I want to show you how to improve your eyes because hooded eyes run in my family and I thought I really need to find a way to improve this so I’ve devised a series of eye… Continue Reading Eye Lid Lift Exercises