[MUSIC] The thing with facial paralysis is tough, especially in my profession, working with students or younger children. They’re very curious about what happens. At the beginning of the year you kind of get them talking behind my back a little.>>Everything on this side of my face no longer worked.… Continue Reading Two Surgical Options for Facial Paralysis | Johns Hopkins Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

let’s do the facial paralysis what we can treat is peripheral facial paralysis Bell’s palsy Bell’s palsy is There are two types of facial paralysis firstly, central facial paralysis secondly, peripheral paralysis how to distinguish them is in central one, you can wrinkle your forehead there’s no paralysis with forehead… Continue Reading Thread Acupuncture / Bell’s palsy / Facial Paralysis / 매선 / 안면마비 / 구안와사 2-1

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. And today I’m gonna show you some exercises for Bell’s Palsy. Let’s get started. Oh! Hello. So I want you to be able to see my face muscles cause Bell’s Palsy is weakness of muscles on one side of the face. So unfortunately you might… Continue Reading Bell’s Palsy Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

[♪ Guitar playing] Hi, I’m Grant. Today is December 26, 2013 and it just so happens that today is my 37th birthday. Four days ago, I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy on the right side of my face. I thought I would try to do something positive with the experience… Continue Reading My Journey to Recovering from Bell’s Palsy