(upbeat music) – Can you actually show me where, ’cause I’m looking at your spine now, where are you feeling the pain on that? – Oh, right here. – Oh, it goes all the way up to there. – Yes. Right here, oh yeah, right here, and then right here.… Continue Reading Sciatica CHRONIC PAIN relief through Chiropractic Adjustment

♪ Intro Music ♪ In truth, there is no High or Low in this Universe but for the sake of our understanding, at the highest level of this Universe, all is integrated, all is one; at the lower levels, there are different dimensions and different facets of this Universe. The… Continue Reading How To Heal The Emotional Body – Teal Swan

Endometriosis feels to me like someone’s hand is literally clenched up in a fist with all the knives on all of the digits and then it goes right up inside you, just near your lungs, and then it, kind of, punches you two, three, four, hundreds of times. The pain… Continue Reading Endometriosis Feels Like Being Punched Up The Vagina With Sharp Knives | Body Language

I feel the pain.. yeah..I’ll be alright I’m ok No I ain’t talked to him I’m ok I feel the pain, baby Deep down in my soul I feel the pain baby, Deep down in my soul I got to feel it girl you don’t want me here any more… Continue Reading Lucky Lloyd – I Feel The Pain

Ow ow ow… DAng… I mean THANK YOU BODY. Hey guys julia here for DNews Pain helps us navigate the world. Pain tells us when something is hot so we don’t burn ourselves. Pain tells us when we’re hurt so we don’t damage our bodies further. As annoying and uncomfortable… Continue Reading Why Some People Don’t Feel Pain

Hi, I’m Lauren, I’m 34, I’m a marketer, I’m a business owner, and I play keys in a rock band, and I’m a patient at The Joint. I literally and figuratively wear a lot of hats. I do a lot of things and being a physically active person is also… Continue Reading Lauren’s Back, Baby | The Joint Chiropractic

Make yourself comfortable, sit or lie down, make sure you will not be interrupted. If you have time, make your space pleasing to you, let in some fresh air, maybe use some essential oils to add another sensory experience. Grab a comfortable cushion or your favourite blanket; you could even… Continue Reading COMPLETE BODY HEALING (RELAXED version) Guided Meditation

Now let’s talk about quitting drinking alcohol. So we mentioned that alcohol change our chemical balance. And the very important one is dopamine. Dopamine is the chemical make us feel relaxed and not thinking about all the things worries us. But dopamine, if it’s too much, it will make us… Continue Reading Acupuncture for Detoxification : Acupuncture To Quit Drinking Alcohol

So next, I’m going to talk about how to help people to stop the painkiller narcotic drugs. Those drugs make people feel so drowsy even if they feel less pain, but they cannot function, they cannot drive, they cannot think correctly. So when we try to help people to stop… Continue Reading Acupuncture for Detoxification : Acupuncture To Quit Narcotics Use

Aaah! Aaah! Oh! Oh! l’m thin! l’m thin! Lookat mycheekbones! l have cheekbones! Yes! Look at my chest. Look at my breasts. l don’t have breasts. l’m an ”A” cup. l don’t need a bra anymore. Oh, God! l’m thin! l’m thin! l’m thin! l’m thin. l’m thin. # Nothin’… Continue Reading The Nutty Professor (7/12) Movie CLIP – I’m Thin! (1996) HD