For me these hard problems to be able to approach them with the intention of alleviating suffering in a large patient population, and globally – the opportunity to create accessible, safe and efficacious products to go after and train, to unlock the body’s immune system and actually solve these problems… Continue Reading What if you were immune to chronic pain? Vaccines could make it happen. | Lou Reese

Anytime someone hears the term “motivation,” they should really supplant that with dopamine. Because without dopamine, you don’t have motivation. All drugs of abuse cause this unnatural rise of dopamine. And because of that, they’re among the most powerful experiences our brains can have. Individuals struggling with addiction are actually… Continue Reading The Science of Opioid Addiction and Treatment

So I’m excited to be here today to talk to you about the opioid epidemic the subtitle from Freud to Fentanyl. I will become clear in the course of the lecture. I have been retained as a medical expert witness in federal and state opioid litigation over my opinions are… Continue Reading The Opioid Epidemic: From Freud to Fentanyl with Anna Lembke

The opioid epidemic is raging out of control in the United States and other Western countries. Meanwhile, the discussion of natural alternatives is almost non-existent. As if nature doesn’t provide any pain relief. The reality is that many pharmaceutical pain drugs have been developed as synthetic analogues of natural herbs… Continue Reading DOCUMENTARY: NATURAL PAIN RELIEF – Opioid Crisis Solutions