[Impact sound] Parts of the body. [slap] Liver. Where is your liver? Everyone show me where your liver is. How big is your liver? Okay. So, how are you going to target sombody’s liver, if you don’t know where it is, how big it is…? Find me some pictures of… Continue Reading BOXING BODY SHOTS

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the co-main event of the evening. SHE SPEAKS IN OWN LANGUAGE It all comes into this pinnacle, you’ve got all this stuff going on underneath. And all people see is just this little thing at the top. GROANING What goes through your mind at this… Continue Reading Weight Cut – Can I Lose 10% Of My Body Weight Overnight? | Extreme MMA

Josh:Hey guys. Dr. Josh Axe here, along with Jordan Rubin. Today we’ll be talking about The Top Cancer Killing Foods. And I know that Jordan, this is something that’s affected my life directly with my mom battling cancer. I know it’s affected you, and your life, and many family members… Continue Reading Top 20 Cancer Killing Foods

I served six years in prison for drug trafficking. Some of y’all can probably relate to that, some of y’all, not looking at nobody in particular. Man, what you in here for? Assault? When you got here, was you liquored up? Yeah, so they got a tape on you in… Continue Reading When Your Mom Forces You to Fight a Bully – Ali Siddiq

We have the world around us telling us What we’re supposed to be doing and inside of us we know what we’re supposed to be doing There’s a warrior inside of you Today we are at Knowles Karate Academy to learn about the art of karate Karate is one of… Continue Reading The Try Guys Try Karate

Les points de pression du 1er degré peuvent occasionner des blessures fatales Vous ne devez donc les frapper qu’en cas d’EXTREME danger. Puis il y a les points de pression du 2nd degré Et si vous les touchez, vous pouvez causer des lacérations, des fractures et autres invalidités Mais ils… Continue Reading KRAV MAGA TRAINING • Knockout Pressure Points (part 1 of 5)