What??!! Gee wiz! I just tied these shoes about a half an hour ago. My gosh. Infact this is what i’m gonna do.I HATE them. I absolutely hate these things. I hate Tie Up shoes with a vengeance. This is what I think you tie up shoes!! Look at what… Continue Reading Tie Up Shoes Are A Pain In The But

This is a weird case. Who was on duty? The security guard. Did you take his statement? He’s scared out of his wits. What did you see? Whose body was it? Do you know Maya Verma? She was a powerful businesswoman. Except for her husband, she has no family. What… Continue Reading The Body | Official Trailer | Rishi Kapoor, Emraan Hashmi, Sobhita Dhulipala, Vedhika | 13th Dec

– Pedro, congratulations, it is such a beautiful film, it’s personal, political, it interweaves history, memory, motherhood, creativity, desire into a very rich and moving narrative. Tell me a little bit about the genesis of the film. Where did the film come from? Because I know with your work, you… Continue Reading Pedro Almodóvar on Pain and Glory | BFI Q&A

Hi, I’m Thomas One of the things I love most about film as a medium is that a filmmaker can use the visual language of film let you see the progression of the story. Like this moment in The Godfather, where Michael has to make a phone call about his… Continue Reading Framing a Story With a Triptych – The Panic in Needle Park

(music) Welcome to the Kill Count where we tally up the victims in all our favorite horror movies. I’m James A. Janisse and today we’re looking at Trick ‘r Treat, the Halloweentastic 2007 movie written and directed by Michael Dougherty. Trick ‘r Treat consists of a series of intertwining vignettes… Continue Reading Trick ‘r Treat (2007) KILL COUNT

Welcome to the Kill Count where we tally up the victims in all our favorite horror movies! I’m James A. Janisse and today We’re looking at Saw II, released in 2005, a single year after the original rocked the world of horror What’s great about Saw II is that it… Continue Reading Saw II (2005) KILL COUNT