Hi, Welcome! So a lot of you have been asking about my opinion on M*et’s new show called QUÉÉND0M which features Bom, Mamamoo, AOA, Oh My Girl, (G)I-dle and Lovelyz The point of the show is to release singles and see who charts highest, so let’s do this! Actually, I’m… Continue Reading Why “Queendom” is Painful to Watch & Performance aNaLySiS

JOHNNY: So many people stare at me every single day, every time I am in public, and that used to really get to me. Life after my accident was so much worse than even the physical burns that I had been through. Now I try to look at everything with… Continue Reading My Body With 95% Burns | TRULY

THOMAS: Hi, I’m Thomas Morton. We’re here in the sewer system of Bogota, Colombia, a place where for the past 30 years, the city’s kind of lower-rung street kids have sought refuge from the right wing death squads, which fairly regularly patrol the city above. In the late ’80s, kind… Continue Reading Living in the Sewers of Colombia

– That’s like the weirdest thing that I’ve ever seen. (suctioned glass popping) (astonished gasps and laughs) (funky upbeat jazz) – Fire cupping therapy is an ancient practice that uses localized pressure to promote healing and to reduce pain in the body. – Is it gonna burn at all? Like… Continue Reading People Try Fire Cupping Therapy • The Test Friends