(slow electronic music) – Oh, so you’re clearly still mad about that? – Yeah, you’re a baby. – Oh, thanks, babe. – I’m gonna start blushing. Hey, everybody, welcome back to our channel! I’m Shawn! – I’m Andrew! – And we are in the middle of a cringy, cheesy, love–… Continue Reading i made my husband wait 9 months… | shawn johnson

Hi everyone, I’m Dr. Aliya and I’m here with the lovely Zehra from The FitNest and I’m so excited because today we’re going to be doing an acupuncture treatment on Zehra! Zehra: My first time! I’m really excited. Okay, so this is amazing because Zehra has never had acupuncture before.… Continue Reading First Acupuncture Appointment feat. Zehra/The FitNest | Dr. Aliya

Hey, everybody welcome to another episode of Dog Vlog. I put needles in my face Hope you like the new intro by the way I never tried Acupuncture before it’s not like a thing you can dabble in by the way some of you know already I have had problems… Continue Reading Tried Acupuncture For The First Time

– You know what stinks? – Poop – Yup [Laughs] [♪ Men Try intro plays ♪] – So, today we’re going to be trying bidets I have never in my life ever, tried a bidet Cam however, has had quite the experience – A connoisseur of bidets If you would… Continue Reading Men Try Using a Bidet for the First Time

I got a real acupuncture! the data looks like what’s up YouTube so I’ve always wondered what it feels like to get an Acupuncture you know you know those things with the needles and whatever and then it kind of just put heels on you and it makes Your nervous… Continue Reading GUAVA JUICE GETS AN ACUPUNCTURE!