How to Treat a Sunburn. Did all that fun in the sun end with a nasty burn? Let’s get you some relief. You will need A bathtub or cold, wet compresses Aloe vera plant or lotion, or hydrocortisone cream Aspirin Sunblock Baking soda or colloidal oatmeal Acetaminophen or ibuprofen and… Continue Reading How to Treat a Sunburn

How to Treat Heatstroke. Heatstroke occurs when the body is unable to cool itself. Knowing first-aid techniques to treat this dangerous condition could save a life. You will need Cool area Cool water, cool bath, or damp sheets Drinking water Thermometer Fan (optional) and sports drinks (optional). Consult a physician… Continue Reading How to Treat Heatstroke

(sighs) – I’m kissing, I’m kissing. I’m… I’m gonna kiss somebody. – I never had a kiss before. (piano instrumentals) – Eline. – Because I’m a muslim and muslims aren’t supposed to do these things. – No, I don’t know their name or their face or anything. – I’m feeling… Continue Reading First Kisses Captured in Slow Motion | First Takes | Cut

What’s good niggas??? This looks like a sandbox Hey, failure. EVIL CROWS!!! Guess who collected all the wood while you were sleeping? I wasn’t sleeping, It– It was insulin shock. You’re NOT a diabetic. And… You’re not a psychic! You’re NOT a diabetic! Give… Give me a cookie… No, I… Continue Reading A SLAP ON TITAN 01: Big Trouble in Little Shiganshina

I got a real acupuncture! the data looks like what’s up YouTube so I’ve always wondered what it feels like to get an Acupuncture you know you know those things with the needles and whatever and then it kind of just put heels on you and it makes Your nervous… Continue Reading GUAVA JUICE GETS AN ACUPUNCTURE!

poop What’s up youTube so recently I a had cupping session done session session sessionsession done You know where people put cups on you, and then just pulls the muscle upwards to relieve your muscles And it just makes you feel good I know you’re seeing it before you’ve seen… Continue Reading GUAVA JUICE TRIES CUPPING FOR THE FIRST TIME!