Researchers think that natural fruit antioxidants could help to reduce a key cause of migraines. Free radicals from junk food and pollution could be to blame for those terrible headaches. Could the American muscadine grape help? Afterall, the muscadine is America’s strongest grape. Please click on the link to find… Continue Reading Migraine Pain Relief and Anti Oxidants

I wanna say thank you man for taking what I have done in my career. Bringing it up to today’s standards for my fans to see. You motivated not only my fans but also motivated me watching how you put these videos together. Thank you man. No matter what was… Continue Reading BUILD YOUR BODY

migraine is a medical condition in which people have headaches lasting typically from 4 hours to 24 hours phases of symptoms in migraine includes prodrome phase or a phase pain phase and postdrome phase in per drum phase about 60% of people with migraine suffer from premonitory symptoms that occur… Continue Reading Migraine & Yawning: How Are They Linked?

– [John] Well, I’m kind of one of these nut bags that comes in here because I’m a crazy weekend warrior, get after it guy. I’m 46, but my wife tells me, you know you’re not 20 anymore. So, I’m a high-intense, go get it, get after it kind of… Continue Reading Weekend Warrior Testimonial: Saved By Chiropractic Adjustments and Alternative Medicine

– On this episode, we’re gonna talk about migraine headaches, some of the causes that you’ve probably never heard of, and a quick and easy way to fix it, so, stay tuned. (inspiring music) Maybe you’ve been suffering with migraines for years. I see a lot of younger kiddos like… Continue Reading Migraines, The Myodural Bridge and Atlas (C1) Misalignment | Ask Dr. Collins Episode 006

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(instruments warming up) – [Instructor] Put your knee track over your toe. Good job. (whirs) (pulsing music) (gulps) (heavy breathing) – John? – Hey Erica. – Oh my god, hi! Oh I almost didn’t recognize you though, you look good. – I lost a little weight. – Okay, well it’s… Continue Reading Body Insecure

hello my friends today we can treat this awkward city gym club but you can say free to decide for your money or spills okay I read it let’s go [Applause] [Music] [Applause] who made exercise everyday maybe another day after creamy after strong training relax relax full body not… Continue Reading TOP 3 exercises for you body. REALLY?

Hello friends, welcome back to Divine Care.I have been receiving a lot of requests to make a video on breast enlargement so today’s video on it.Firstly let’s talk about the reasons-the main reason is hereditary, genetics, second reason is hormonal imbalance or emotional imbalance , stress ,depression being major reasons… Continue Reading PART I Breast Enlargement treatment by Acupressure