Power tools use many bearings to allow various components to rotate. Over time, a bearing will wear and begin to fail. A bearing that is failing will usually give warning, often the squeaking or a squealing sound. Replacing a needle bearing is a repair that you can do yourself, and… Continue Reading Echo Chainsaw Repair – Replacing the Needle Bearing (Echo Part # 17501200831)

Howdy welcome to Beaver Mountain Works and this is a quick stitch tip. You are out there on your project and you’ve pre-drilled or pre-cut all your holes into your project or you purchase a product that’s already got the pre-drilled or pre-cut holes into it and you want to… Continue Reading Leather sewing tip when sewing with one needle

hello viewers this time we will talk about sewing machine needles This sewing machine needle in general has several sections this is the base, this is the end this base has a flat section flat parts the ends are several parts among others, here is a groove there’s a hole… Continue Reading SEWING MACHINE NEEDLE BASIC KNOWLEDGE – PENGETAHUAN DASAR JARUM MESIN JAHIT