– So I’m on some shit, I’m like alright. – [News Presenter] Jacksonville Police have arrested… – That was like, at a red light – [News Presenter] Victim of the quadruple shooting. – All you heard was (imitates gun fire). – The local rapper who survived the shooting near the… Continue Reading Yungeen Ace – “Through the Pain” (Documentary)

– Previously on Can We Cure. My therapist told me that I should try and write a letter to the doctor who did this to me. – I don’t want to say it because I’m scared to jinx it but I think the lasers work. (upbeat music) – I cannot… Continue Reading We Tried Laser Treatment For Our Chronic Pain

(intense music) – I lost my pants again (chuckles). (record scrapes) (sighs) It’s us again. – [Lara] You probably don’t have to wonder how we ended up here. I’m Lara. – [Kelsey] And I’m Kelsey. – [Lara] And we’ve made so many damn videos about our chronic pain, we can’t… Continue Reading Traveling When You Have Chronic Pain

– On this episode, we’re gonna talk about migraine headaches, some of the causes that you’ve probably never heard of, and a quick and easy way to fix it, so, stay tuned. (inspiring music) Maybe you’ve been suffering with migraines for years. I see a lot of younger kiddos like… Continue Reading Migraines, The Myodural Bridge and Atlas (C1) Misalignment | Ask Dr. Collins Episode 006

Amanda when you originally presented to the office, you presented with chronic neck pain, intense migraine headaches, compromise of speech, loss of sensation in the right arm, loss of sensation in the right leg. You were literally a shut in, you couldn’t work, couldn’t do anything. Why don’t you go… Continue Reading Headaches Migraines Numbness Loss of Speech – www.DavisSpineInstitute.com

Montario Hardesty; running back; Cleveland Browns. My name is Dr. Wayne Dyer and I’m happy and proud to endorse the work of Dr. Tony Willcox. Hi, Travis Tomko, former professional wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment. Over my storied career I have had several injuries; three knee surgeries; two shoulder surgeries.… Continue Reading Acupuncture Boca Raton Florida

hi my name is Jill and I called acupuncture on demand and dr. Amy came over and treated me and after three times it’s amazing how much range of motion I have in my neck I have degenerative discs and originally I can only move to the left and the… Continue Reading Acupuncture On Demand : Another successful Neck & Shoulder Pain Treatment.

We’re getting to the point in today’s Mom and Pop Success Story. Coming up, the way one acupuncture center used a County grant to make some much-needed improvements. So we have low back pain and he has hip pain. Nancy Clark has taken the ancient practice of acupuncture into present… Continue Reading Mom & Pop Success Stories – Clark Acupuncture