okay well welcome to another MedCram lecture today we’re going to talk about the flu and the flu is something that we see seasonally and I’d like to talk about specifically the virus the strains the symptoms assigns the vaccine and treatment see if we can give you a primer… Continue Reading Influenza (Flu) Explained Clearly – Diagnosis, Vaccine, Treatment, Pathology

Hello, my name’s Rhiannon and I have just completed The Thrive Programme. I originally came to Cara because I really wanted help sorting out my phobia of injections and needles in general. Now before I started Thrive, I honestly could not have an injection – I wouldn’t even entertain the… Continue Reading Smashing needle/injection phobia: “Got the FLU JAB yesterday!”

Ugh, my muscles… why do they feel so… achey. *cough* If you say more research is needed I’m going to kick you. Howdy sickos, I’m Trace, thanks for watching! IT’S FLU SEASON EVERYBODY! Congratulations. If you didn’t get your flu shot this year (or even if you did), here’s a… Continue Reading Why The Flu Causes Aches & Pains