“I feel strange to be here” “Viewing on YouTube and being here actually” “Is it okay to have a talk?” “Yes of course. I will try my best for subbing” “It seems like it is going to be a tough one” (laugh) “I have to stand up. I can’t work,… Continue Reading 痛い足つぼ | レベル9の痛い足つぼ

♪ Bob and Brad ♪ ♪ The two most famous ♪ ♪ Physical therapists on the internet ♪ – Hi Folks, I’m Bob Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – We are the most famous physical therapists on the internet. – In our opinion, of course, Bob. –… Continue Reading How to Massage Your Foot Pain Away, SIMPLE Self-Massage

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Hello I’m Mami Tsang, I’m the owner of Chi Yu Wellness Centre and complementary therapy practitioner. In this video, I’m going to introduce Reflexology and Eastern Foot massage. Reflexology is an ancient healing therapy based on the theory that different reflex areas on the feet, hands, face are corresponded with… Continue Reading Reflexology & Eastern Foot Massage by Chi Yu Wellness Centre

So, we’re basically going to be doing a lot of thumb walking, so we’ll start with the big toe. With the big toe, you’re going to want to thumb walk this whole area. Just to be thorough, we’ll go all the way around. You can think of the big toe… Continue Reading How to Relieve Neck Pain | Reflexology

So techniques for the arch of the foot, we’re going to be doing mainly thumb walking. We’ll do thumb walking from what is considered the heel line here right up to the diaphragm line, which is right below the heads of the metatarsals, so I’ll be doing thumb walking up… Continue Reading How to Work the Foot Arch | Reflexology

“Hello. Today’s model is an acupuncturist, a friend of mine” “This is a different acupuncturist from the one who came before” “Yoroshiku-onegaisimasu (I’m excited to work with you)” “Any areas you feel tired?” “The roots of the toes and closer to the tip…, I think my sole and arch are… Continue Reading 鍼灸師に足つぼ | Reflexology On Acupuncturist

The main thing that I want to focus on is the colon reflex, the large and the small intestines. So we’re going to start over here on her right foot, my left. The ileocecal valve, right there. We’re just going to begin to thumb walk up through the belly of… Continue Reading How to Relieve Digestive Issues | Reflexology

Hello world Volunteered female model this time She came all the way from Kansai area (about 500 km away) I haven’t been to Kansai area these days but I love Kansai I love the people ఠൠఠ Hearing Kansai dialect is very relaxing to me I love dialects and I envy… Continue Reading ASMR 足つぼ | 気持ちよさ重視の足つぼ