“Hello. Today’s model is an acupuncturist, a friend of mine” “This is a different acupuncturist from the one who came before” “Yoroshiku-onegaisimasu (I’m excited to work with you)” “Any areas you feel tired?” “The roots of the toes and closer to the tip…, I think my sole and arch are… Continue Reading 鍼灸師に足つぼ | Reflexology On Acupuncturist

The main thing that I want to focus on is the colon reflex, the large and the small intestines. So we’re going to start over here on her right foot, my left. The ileocecal valve, right there. We’re just going to begin to thumb walk up through the belly of… Continue Reading How to Relieve Digestive Issues | Reflexology

Hello world Volunteered female model this time She came all the way from Kansai area (about 500 km away) I haven’t been to Kansai area these days but I love Kansai I love the people ఠൠఠ Hearing Kansai dialect is very relaxing to me I love dialects and I envy… Continue Reading ASMR 足つぼ | 気持ちよさ重視の足つぼ

With reflexology, we just want to be giving attention to the body and helping it to relax so that it can be ready and relaxed to get pregnant. Some of the areas you want to focus on, and this is for men and women, are the reproductive reflexes, certainly. So… Continue Reading 10 Techniques for Infertility | Reflexology

So this is techniques for the ankles. Primarily I use my finger walking and I’ll use any where from just one to I’ll use a couple. So one of the first things we’ll do is we’ll work around the malleolus, both on the medial and lateral aspect. So, the inside… Continue Reading How to Work the Ankles | Reflexology

We’re going to want to focus on the reflexes to the neck, the head, the sinuses, the pituitary gland reflex, the adrenal gland reflex, and the ileocecal valve reflex. We’re going to break those down. We’ll be using all thumb walking and a little finger walking techniques. Using thumb walking,… Continue Reading How to Relieve Sinus Congestion | Reflexology

Left microphone check Right microphone check Hello world Trial and error binaural recording video 🎧 I bought some stuff from a dollar shop to attach the microphones on the iPhone which I used to film I am such a handicraft guy… lol Volunteered male model today He has nice feet… Continue Reading 寝落ち足つぼ 2 | 安眠できる足つぼ

”Onegaishimasu” “I try to do it naturally” “Yes, please” “I thought this left part was hard” “Under here?” “Rather saying, more to the side, around here” “Uh, oh oh” “Strained around here” “It is difficult to explain if you ask me how it is related but there is something around… Continue Reading 鍼灸師から鍼を受けた | Acupuncture

The stimulation of reflex zones of the solar plexus, heart, and the suprarenal glands are particularly benefical to prevent pharyngitises, problems of traffic or high blood pressure. The zones of the heart are only on the left foot, on the reflex zone located under the line of the diaphragm. By… Continue Reading Initiation au massage des pieds – Plexus solaire, coeur et glandes surrénales (Part.8)