P: Oh, look at the poor little thing. TB: Oh, now you’re feeling bad for this thing? See how sweet you are? You’re feeling bad? (laughter) P: It’s so nailless! (music) Patient: No, it’s because it lifted it got worse. I guess it was kind of like redamaged. TB: Okay.… Continue Reading HOW TO TREAT YOUR BIG THICK RAM’S HORN TOENAIL – FOOT HEALTH MONTH 2018 #14

(music) TB: What’s up my toes? It’s Jonathan, a.k.a The Toe Bro, and a quick little message: I’m visiting five cities and I want help from you guys to make it happen. So please check the links in the description box below to get more info on how you guys… Continue Reading BABY FOOT PAIN?! INCREDIBLE REMOVAL FROM 1 YEAR OLD FOOT

My name is Tom Bernacki and I’m gonna show you in the top of five Right here guaranteed ways to get rid of outside of the foot pain So right here you get your fake pinkie Toe your tailor’s bunion your outside of the foot your styloid process And the… Continue Reading Side of the Foot Pain BEST Treatment [Lateral Foot Pain 2020!]

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, I’m Dr. Andy. Today we’re going to cover the biopsychosocial model of pain. The biopsychosocial model of pain is our current most advanced model that we use to describe pain that we experience all right? So it has three components. It has the the bio,… Continue Reading Why Do We Experience Pain Differently? – Your Burlington NC Chiropractor

TB: You did really well two injections, not easy. Okay all finished. Patient: It was very painful. TB: I know, I know but you’re done, okay? (music) TB: So what we’re gonna do first, we’re gonna find the area where it hurts the most. P: Okay. TB: I’m gonna mark… Continue Reading 3 PAINFUL CORTISONE INJECTIONS FOR EXTREME FOOT PAIN!!! Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m going to show you how to relieve plantain french fry dis, I mean plantar fasciitis. Let’s get started. To start off we’re going to do a calf stretch and this will also help stretch that plantar fascia underneath. I like always putting… Continue Reading Plantar Fasciitis Treatment with Massage, Stretches, & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo