Hello my name is Freddy and this is Billy. We are both herbalists based in China Town, New York. The Clinic is called Sanh Hoa Long we are at 217 Center Street and today we are going to talk about Chinese herbs specifically Gin Sing which is very common, popular… Continue Reading All About Chinese Herbal Medicine : Ginseng & Chinese Herbal Medicine

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*HOW to KNIT a RAGLAN SWEATER?* *PRINCIPLES on HOW to… for TOP DOWNS* Collar, yoke, body & arms… HOW MANY STITCHES to BEGIN with? ***For all projects*** You must FIRST refer to YARNTAG INFORMATIONS *You might click on the İ icon for a detailed tutorial* Here is a quick review:… Continue Reading REGLAN KAZAK YAPILIŞI (ÖRGÜ)

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One question that I get asked a lot is whether there is a particular formula that a person can take for colds and flu. Ultimately, it’s always best if herbs are prescribed by a practitioner trained in Chinese medicine, acupuncture and herbs, but there’s certain formulas that are pretty easy… Continue Reading Herbal Therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine : Traditional Chinese Medicine: Cold & Flu Formulas

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Subscribe to Trop Miam MILK BREAD 300 g of flour 60 g of sugar 1/3 tsp of salt 1 packet of yeast 95 ml of warm water 75 ml of warm milk 3 tbsp of vegetable oil If the dough is a bit sticky it is normal, add some flour… Continue Reading 29 Recette de Pain Au Lait Tout Moelleux // SANS OEUFS SANS BEURRE // TRES ECONOMIQUE || EN SUB ||