TRAVIS: I enjoy eating. I look forward to it, probably more than most people. And more than I should. And once I start, it’s very hard for me to stop, so I eat all day long. But that first meal is always the best because I love breakfast. And I… Continue Reading Eating Takes His Pain and Fear Away | My 600-lb Life

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Now, I may be a simple farmer Armored from the charmers Of pop-culture and the views that they harbor. But noting makes me want to self harm-er More than fucking YouTube Drama. I can think of nothing so petty To wank yourself sweaty To spit on a blue yeti To… Continue Reading Ode to YouTube Drama

– Next on BGSU Brain Game, Kenton versus Patrick Henry. We may have to prepare ourselves for a sensational synaptic tsunami. Only one team can leave victorious. The question is who’s it gonna be. Only one way to find out. BGSU’s Brain Game starts right now. (techno beat) And welcome… Continue Reading BGSU Brain Game 817- Kenton vs. Patrick Henry

You want to find a natural way to treat your migraines. Is melatonin the answer? Let’s find out. I’m Michelle from mascara to midnight. Thank you so much for being here today. I am a beauty channel but I also have chronic migraines. And I have several videos, right there,… Continue Reading Treating Migraines with Melatonin

Apparently, a spoonful of sugar does help the medicine go down for all ages, especially if a needle is involved. Having that little bit of sugar can actually help boost the endorphins and putting a little bit of sugar water in a baby’s mouth prior to a vaccination can actually… Continue Reading How to manage your fear of needles

Hello my name is Freddy and this is Billy. We are both herbalists based in China Town, New York. The Clinic is called Sanh Hoa Long we are at 217 Center Street and today we are going to talk about Chinese herbs specifically Gin Sing which is very common, popular… Continue Reading All About Chinese Herbal Medicine : Ginseng & Chinese Herbal Medicine

Home remedies for cough variant asthma affarin casma is a milder form of asthma children are more likely than adults to have this type of asthma here are the top five home remedies for cough variant asthma number one saltwater saltwater is a good home remedy for alleviating irritation in… Continue Reading Home Remedies for Cough Variant Asthma | Cough variant asthma natural treatment | Remedies Point

*HOW to KNIT a RAGLAN SWEATER?* *PRINCIPLES on HOW to… for TOP DOWNS* Collar, yoke, body & arms… HOW MANY STITCHES to BEGIN with? ***For all projects*** You must FIRST refer to YARNTAG INFORMATIONS *You might click on the İ icon for a detailed tutorial* Here is a quick review:… Continue Reading REGLAN KAZAK YAPILIŞI (ÖRGÜ)

[background music] Logan: What’s up, everybody? I’m Logan from Sleepopolis. Today, I’ll be counting down my top 10 mattresses in a box. Most of the mattresses you’ll see do come out of a box, but that doesn’t mean they’re made from the same materials or feel the same. I’m going… Continue Reading Best Mattress in a Box (2020) – Which Bed is Best for You?!