Since Expo ’88 Stefan’s Needle has been a mainstay of the Brisbane skyline but now, one local antivaxxer wants the needle removed No…no… I don’t think my opinions are offensive I believe Stefan’s Sky Needle causes autism Do we know that it doesn’t Have you seen the science? And I… Continue Reading This Antivaxxer Hates Stefan’s Needle

I’m joined today by Rebecca Watson she is founder of the skeptic blogging also cohost the skeptics guide to the universe podcast a fellow Massachusetts college graduate be you I went to grad school at Bentley University I think the UN Bentley arrivals and some sport but I just have… Continue Reading Is Homeopathy a Scam?

Acupuncture is a growing trend in Charlotte. Folks are using it to treat everything from bronchitis to back pain, but is their mind body spirit connection? Check it out. Todd George is a licensed acupuncturist. He takes a holistic approach to healing. So, we are looking any sort of symptom,… Continue Reading Fox 46 News Clip – Charlotte Acupuncture and Wellness Center